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The Lost Teapot 迷失的茶壶

The Lost Teapot 迷失的茶壶
茶文化系第一届茶之专业英语话剧《迷失的茶壶》演出台词 发布日期:2008-12-8 8:33:22  浏览次数:839 The Lost Teapot Act 1 The Museum Written by :Chessy , Wishes and Jarol Chessy(朱淑芬),Wishes(吴桂雪) Jarol(黄静) Characters : Brother-1, Sister-1, Lu Yu-1, Museum Curator-1, Tang-1, Song-1, Ming-3(M1, M2, M3), Princess-1
Narrator:Good evening ladies and gentlemen! It’s our honor to invite Mr. Lee Rieho, School President Mr Liu and distinguished honored guests, and... And welcome everyone for coming tonight. This is the “First Class of Specialized English for Tea”. A play of three acts and will be performed by the Department of Tea Arts. Let’s now see what happens.(bows and play starts)
(Scene1: Once upon a time not so far in the past, there was the small Lee family brother and sister were on their way.)
Brother: Look! What is that over there? Sister: Oh, It’s so dusty and dirty. I wonder what it is. Brother: I have never seen anything like it before.
(After a moment, a man comes to them)
Lu Yu(Points to the pot): What’s that in your hand? It looks familiar. Let me see…Oh, I remember. I’ve seen it in a tea museum. Sister: Really? Maybe we can go to the museum... Brother: I think so. Could you tell us the way to that museum? Lu Yu: Of course. Go along this road and turn left, you’ll see the museum in front of you. Brother and Sister: Thank you!
(They arrived at the museum)
Museum curator: Welcome for coming. I am the curator of the Tea Museum...It’s my pleasure to be your guide today. Please follow me.
(Looking at the first exhibit)
Brother: What are you doing now? And do you know what this pot for? Tang tea Master: I come from Tang Dynasty and I am boiling tea. But I don’t know what this pot is. Sister : Look over there .What’s that in the bowl? Song tea Master :I’m whisking tea with a tea whisk... It’s the Whisking Tea Method of the Song Dynasty. (They heard….) Ming 1: Please have some tea! (Speaking in Minnan language) Ming2: Tastes good. What’s this tea? Ming 3: It’s Iron Goddess. It’s a good tea! Brother: Oh, I know what the pot is. It’s a teapot for tea brewing like that.
Sister : Hello. You must be Princess Catherine. We are from the Lee family. Princess: Oh, your teapot is dirty. Let me clean it. You need to nurture it. Brother: It’s much more beautiful, now! Thanks. Princess: Here is a poem about tea, written by Gladstone. Sister : Oh, let me have a look. It reads: If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are exhausted, it will calm you…..
Brother: Graceful poem! I think tea drinking will be popular all over the world.
===end of Act I===
===Act II=== 林夕 MC: If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cold you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are exhausted, it will warm you. Ten year ago, Lee family brother and sister doubt if tea is really that wonderful. And after catching a glimpse of Chinese tea history, appreciating the moving tea poetry, and looking around the tea museum with the help of museum curator, let us sit around the table of the Lee family Tea Room, and watch them brewing and appreciating tea, and find out the mystery of brewing a cup of good tea.
Actor [tea brewer, tea assistant. guests, Grandpa Tea, tea grower, tea producer.] [李家中,一准备好的茶席,背景是一幅山水画,焚香炉,除了主泡者居中,大家分坐茶席两侧.] Tea brewer:” It is a nice day, isn’t it? We are all here and having an interesting tea gathering." GuestA\B:"Yes, a fascinating gathering I long for! Guest C:"Oh, what a wonderful teapot you have." Tea brewer: “Thanks, it sure has an attracting shape and is convenient to brew, but, huh, what can I do to improve my skills to brew tea so that I can make full use of this teapot?" Grandpa Tea:” You are lucky to have a nice teapot there, It looks familiar to the one I had once before, but I lost it.【拿出一把较旧的茶壶】 If you give me that teapot, I will give you this old teapot and inside is the answers for brewing good tea.【茶爷爷的下方有了which are called the 3-Ts: Tea Time Temperature的字样】and that is what you really need, right?" Tea brewer:"【略微沉思,随即点头】Ok, it’s a deal!" GuestD: "It is well known that Grandpa Tea has a good knowledge of tea." Guest E: "And so it is." Tea brewer:” I would like to make tea with you if it is convenient?" Grandpa Tea: "Sure, I’d like to." Tea brewer: “It is my honor; we must make many great teas in the future." 【一种茶农和一制茶农穿着拖鞋突然的跑进来了】 Tea grower and producer: “We heard there is a nice tea site today, which we had never seen, shall we join you?" Tea brewer: “Of course. I had a good idea. Is it OK if we five work together to make tea and to brew tea. It must be a perfect team; we should be called the fantastic five." Grandpa Tea: “Why not? Let’s try." Tea grower and tea producer: "Wonderful, we can’t wait another day!"
===the end of Act II===
==== ActIII==== Act III Act III Writer Hensim 陈秀云 Tea shop Place: Tea shop Roles: Tea brewer assistance3, Salesperson1, Connoisseur poets 2, Grandpa Tea 1, Princess 1,Customer 3.
Scene: Ten years past, and the fantastic five worked together to grow tea bushes, and make loose tea, and to brew tea liquid. The Lee family brother and sister open a tea shop. Friends all over come to ask about tea and they explain about it. Grandpa tea comes to the tea shop and gives back the teapot, and gives the 3-Tea scroll to the princess. The princess will share it with the world.
(Shorts: Ass=Assistance; Cus=Customer; Sal=Salesperson; Con=Connaisseurs; Gra=GrandpaTea; Pri=Princess> Scene One) (Assistance 3:Although I’m the employee now, I believe I’ll become a successful tea person one day.)
Ass2: Come here, please. Could you help me to serve the tea? Ass3: Ok. Ass3:Please have some tea. Cus2:Thank you. Cus1: (Nodding the head)Wow, wonderful. What kind of tea is this? Ass2: Yellow Mountain Fuzz Tip, a spring tea, and is on sale now. Cus1: Is it a yellow tea? Ass2: No, it’s a green tea from Yellow Mountain. The color of yellow tea liquid is yellowish; its special process is sweltering. Cus1: Oh, I see. Cus2: I like the green teas, but I can’t brew well, can you teach me how to brew it better? Ass1: My pleasure, low water temperature, fresh water, and the infusion time should not be too long. Cus2:Ok.Thank you very much!
Scene Two
Cus3: Is this teapot made of purple sandy clay? Sal: Yes, it is made in Yixing .Yixing is famous for its special sandy clay. Cus3: Uhm…Yixing has the longest tradition and creates beautiful works of art. Sal: The Tea Ware here is of very good quality .You can choose what you like.
Scene Three Con1: Welcome to the Lee’s family tea shop. Gra: Wow, what’s that? Con1: It’s a scroll of tea poetry. Gra: Could you read the poetry for me? Con1: Certainly. <> “No wine for callers, but tea is the cold night blessing. The coals are starting to glow, the water answers by bubbling on the bamboo stove. The same moon in the window, but it is different just to have the plum blossoms. --Du, Xiaoshan(Song.~1249) Gra: Grand and graceful. Con1: This way, please, and have some tea! Gra: Do you recognize me? Ass1,2: Yes. We are the masters of this tea shop, now. Gra: Congratulations! Ass2: Please have some tea! Gra: Thank you.
Scene Four Ass1: Hello! Princess Catherine, long time, no see. Pri: Long time no see, my friends. Ass2: Please have some tea. Pri: Thank you! Wow. It’s wonderful . How do you brew it well? Ass2: The 3-Ts are the heart of my brewing. Pri: What? I didn’t understand what you said. Con2: 3-Ts are tea, time, and temperature. Look this scroll, please! The feeling likes Lu Tong’s Seven Bowls of Tea. The first bowl moistens my lips and throat; The second bowl breaks my loneliness; The third bowl searches my barren entrails but to find therein some five thousand scrolls… Gra: You two have understood the meaning of the 3-T scroll. So I want to give back the teapot you once gave me, and can you return the 3-T scroll? I want to give it to the princess, so the princess will know how to brew the tea well. Ass1,2: Good idea! Gra: Hello. Princess Catherine , this 3-T scroll is for you, so you can brew good tea. Pri: Thank you very much! I think I will brew good tea with the 3-T scroll, and I promise to share it with world.
===end ActIII=== ---THE END---
====ActI(Chinese)==== 第一幕 遗失的茶壶 作者 :Chessy(朱淑芬),Wishes(吴桂雪) Jarol(黄静) 主持人: (张天朋) 人物 :哥哥,妹妹,陆羽,博物馆管理员,唐朝煮茶者,宋朝点茶者,明朝三个泡茶者,公主 以下是对话: 哥哥:看!那是什么? 妹妹:哦,那么脏,布满了灰尘。我很好奇那是什么。 哥哥:我从来没见过像这样的东西 (过了一会,一个人向他们走了过来) 陆羽:(指着壶)你拿的是什么?好像很眼熟,让我想想。。。。噢,我记得了,我在一个茶博物院里见过。 妹妹:真的吗?也许我们可以到那个博物院去 哥哥:我也这样认为。 (对陆羽说)你能告诉我们怎么去那里吗? 陆羽:当然!你们沿着这条路往前走然后向左转,你们就可以看到茶博物院了 哥哥和妹妹:谢谢! (他们到了博物院) 博物院管理员:欢迎你们的到来。我是茶博物院的管理员,很高兴能成为你们的向导, 请跟我来! (到了展示厅) 哥哥:你在做什么?你知道这个壶的用处吗? 唐朝煮茶者:我是来自唐朝的,我正在煮茶。但我不知道这个壶有啥用。 妹妹:看那儿,在那个碗里的是什么? 宋朝点茶者:我正用茶筅点茶,这是宋朝的点茶法 明朝泡茶者1:来来来,喝杯茶吧,(用闽南语言说) 明朝 2:蛮好喝的,这是什么茶? 明朝 3:应该是铁观音吧。嗯,好茶,好茶。 哥哥:噢,我知道了,这个壶是一个用来泡茶的茶壶,就像那样泡茶 妹妹:你好!你一定是凯瑟琳公主吧。我们是来自李氏家族的兄妹。 公主:哦,你的茶壶很脏,让我来擦一下吧。你要把它保持他的原状 哥哥:茶壶变得更加漂亮了。谢谢你! 公主:这边有一首关于茶的诗,作者是格林斯顿 妹妹:让我看一下:“当你寒冷时,茶会温暖你。。。。。。。” 哥哥:多优雅的一首诗啊,我想饮茶将会盛行于全世界。
====end ActI(Chinese)==== ====ActII(Chinese)====
【落幕】 翻译: 主持人:如果你感到寒冷,茶将会温暖你;如果你太急躁,茶将使你冷静;如果你失落,茶将让你振奋;如果你无助,茶将给你力量。10年前,李家的兄妹怀疑 茶是否真的有那么美好,通过我们一览中国茶文化史,欣赏了感人的茶诗,在导游的带领下参观了一遍茶博物院,现在,让我们围坐在李家茶室里,观看了他们赏 茶、泡茶,一起去寻找泡一杯好茶的奥秘吧。 演员:泡茶者、助泡者、客人、茶爷爷、种茶农、制茶者 【李家中,一准备好的茶席,北京市一幅山水画,焚香炉,除了主泡者坐居中,大家分坐两侧。】 泡茶者:“是个美好的一天啊,不是吗?我们可以坐在一起,还有个有趣的茶会。” 客人甲乙:是啊,一个我们向往已久的茶会哦! 客人丙:噢,你有个漂亮的茶壶呢。 主泡者:谢谢!它的外形的确很吸引人,而且也很实用,但是,呃,我怎样才能提高我的泡茶技艺来更好的使用这把茶壶呢? 茶爷爷:有把心仪的茶壶是一件很幸运的事呢,它看起来很像一把我曾经用过的茶壶,但是,我把它丢失了。【拿出一把较旧的茶壶】如果你愿意赠我这把茶壶, 我将把这把旧的送给你,里面是泡好茶的秘诀。【茶爷爷的下方有了一张所谓的3T:茶量、时间、温度的字样】这正是你所需要的,不是吗? 主泡者:【略微沉思,随即点头应允】好吧,就这么办。 客人丁:众所周知,茶爷爷可是茶界的泰斗。 客人丙:名不虚传啊。 主泡者:如果方便的话,我想和您一起制茶,如何? 茶爷爷:当然,我非常愿意。 主泡者:真是荣幸之至。将来我们会制作出更好的茶。 【一种茶农和一制茶农穿着拖鞋突然跑进茶室】 俩茶农:我们听说这里今天有一个我们见所未见的好茶席,我们可以加入进来吗? 主泡者:欢迎欢迎!我有一个不错的想法,我们合作来制茶、泡茶如何?应该是个完美的组合,我们可以叫做~“完美四人组”。 茶爷爷:好啊,与君共勉。 俩茶农:太好了,我们已经等不及那天了! ====end ActII(Chinese)==== ==== ActIII(Chinese)====
茶叶店 地点:茶叶店 角色:助手3, 销售员 , 茶人 2, 茶爷爷 , 公主, 顾客 3. 情景:十年后,哥哥与妹妹开了一家茶叶店.各个地方的朋友都来他们店里探讨怎么泡好茶.茶爷爷将茶壶归还给他们并将挂轴送给凯瑟琳公主.公主承诺她将与 世界分享它.
第一幕 (助手3:虽然我现在还是一位工人,但我相信终有一天我会成为一位成功的茶人.) 助手2: 你能不能过来帮忙奉茶? 助手3:来了. 助手3:请喝茶. 顾客2:谢谢. 顾客1:(点点头)哇,很好喝.这是什么茶? 助手2:黄山毛峰,刚上市的春茶. 顾客1:是黄茶吗? 助手2:不是.它是产自黄山的绿茶.黄茶的汤色比较黄,闷黄是它的特殊的制作工序. 顾客1:我明白了. 顾客2:我喜欢绿茶,但我泡不好.你能教我怎么泡好它吗? 助手1:当然了.水温要低,水要新鲜,而且不能泡太长时间. 顾客2:非常感谢.
第二幕 顾客3:这是紫砂壶吗? 销售员:是的.它产自宜兴.宜兴因紫砂而声名远播. 顾客3:嗯.宜兴有很悠久的制造精美艺术品的传统. 销售员:这里的茶具质量都很好.你可以挑选你喜欢的茶具. 第三幕 茶人1:欢迎光临. 茶爷爷:哇,那是什么? 茶人1:那是一幅茶诗的挂轴. 茶爷爷:你可以读给我听吗? 茶人1:当然了 <<寒夜>> 杜小山 寒夜客来茶当酒,竹炉汤沸火初红. 寻常一夜窗前月,才有梅花便不同.
茶爷爷:好优雅. 茶人1:请这边走.请喝茶. 茶爷爷:你们记得我吗? 助手1,2:当然了.我们现在是这家茶叶店的主人了. 助手2:请喝茶. 茶爷爷:谢谢.泡得不错.
助手1:你好.凯瑟琳公主,好久不见了. 公主:好久不见.我的朋友们 助手2:请喝茶. 公主:谢谢.哇.很好喝.你是怎么泡的? 助手2: 我心里已经铭记3-T的诀窍. 公主:什么?我不明白你的意思. 茶人2:3-T是茶量,时间,水温. 请看这幅挂轴,这种感觉就像是卢仝的七碗茶歌. 一碗喉吻润; 两碗破孤闷; 三碗搜枯肠,惟有文字五千卷… 茶爷爷:你们两已经理解了3-T的含义.我想把茶壶还给你们.你们可以把3-T还给我吗?我想把3-T送给公主.这样她就会把茶泡好. 助手1,2:好主意. 茶爷爷:你好.凯瑟琳公主,这个3-T挂轴送给你.这样你就会泡好茶. 公主:非常感谢.我想我会用3-T泡好茶,并承诺将与世界分享它. 结束
===end ActIII(Chinese)=== ---THE END---
The Lost Teapot——迷失的茶壶 发布日期:2008-11-3  浏览次数:129 International Conference Hall 国际会议厅 Drama in three acts 三幕话剧 Director Steven R. Jones
Assistant Director Chang, Li-Hsiang张丽香
Nov.30,2008 Peformed by Tenfu Tea College Department of Tea Arts天福茶学院茶文化系
The Lost Teapot Act I: Introduction and Around Town.(at Changpu Tea Museum)
Scene 1, 5 minutes: The Pot Scene 2, 10 minutes: The Tea Museum (discussing history and poetry of tea) Intermission, 5 minutes. Act II:The Tea Room (Tea room at home)
Scene 1,15 minutes Brewing and appreciating tea, tea brewers, tea assistances, and guests. Intermission 5 minutes Act III: Act III Lee’s Tea Shop 10
Scene 1, 10 minutes: The Tea Shop (buying and selling tea, salespeople and customers) Scene 2, 5 minutes: Conclusion festival more people come in until everyone is there and happy.
导演 Director :Steven R. Jones 助理导演Assistant Director:Chang, Li-Hsiang张丽香 演员 Actor Act I Changpu Tea Museum 10 Brother 1 Sister 1 Lu Yu 1 Museum curator 1 Exhibits: Tang-1 Song-1 Ming-3 Princess 1
Act II Tea room at home 10 Lee family: Tea brewers 1 Tea assistance 2 Visitors Neighbors 4 Grandpa Tea 1 Tea Producers flip-flops Tea growers 1 Tea makers 1
Act III Lee’s Tea Shop 10 Lee family Tea masters assistance 2 Salesperson 1 Connoisseurs read poetry 2 Grandpa Tea 1 Princess 1 Customer 3 编辑 Editor Head Writer Writer Writer Writer

枫林之夜无我茶会 Autumn Maple Forest Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

NAME CHANGE 枫林之夜无我茶会 Autumn Maple Forest Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
to 枫林之夜无我茶会 Maple Fall Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

枫林之夜无我茶会 Maple Fall Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
第二次枫林之夜无我茶会时间 2008年11月22日7:00-7:45pm晚地点天福茶学院陆羽广场
What: Second Maple Fall Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony When: Nov. 22, 2009 7:00-7:45pm Place: Lu-Yu Square, Ten Fu Tea College
第一屆 2008.11.16 日晚地点天福茶学院陆羽广场 1. Lu-Yu Square, Tenfu Tea College, Nov. 16, 2008 7:00-7:45pm
第二屆 2009.11.22 日晚地点天福茶学院陆羽广场, 2. Lu-Yu Square, Tenfu Tea College, Nov. 22, 2009 7:00-7:45pm

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第12屆美國國際無我茶會記要 12th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

  2009年10月16日至18日,第12屆國際無我茶會於美國舊金山矽谷舉行,有來自台灣、大陸、韓國、及美國當地的茶友一百多人與會,由美國茶文化學會主辦。本屆第一次在亞洲以外的美國舉辦國際無我茶會, 實屬難能可貴。








  1. 茶之饗宴─美國茶文化學會
  2. 人生何處無茶香─中華國際無我茶會推廣協會
  3. 韓國茶禮─韓國茶文化學會
  4. 金秋茶禮─杭州青藤茶館有限公司
  5. 西湖茶禮─浙江省茶葉學會
  6. 東方美人頌─天仁茶藝文化基金會、天福茶博物院


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