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天福茶学院 Tenfu Tea College

Tenfu Tea College天福茶学院
The Tenfu Tea College is the world's first professional college based on the "Chinese Tea Industry, Science, and Technology". This will have a far reaching impact on cultural development. The college offers specialization in basic theory tea,and also an emphasis on improving of tea cultivation, processing, and production technologies. Also modern tea management techniques,improving of mechanization processes, tea and related product development, and marketing, will be part of the curriculum. Graduating students will have a solid theoretical foundation and practical expertise and to be able to apply them for many flexible applications. The College has five professional fields of study.

The college, endowed by the TenFu Group, opened in autumn 2007, with an enrollment of around 300 full-time students, while the long-term goalis reaching enrollment of around 3000 full-time students. Courses are taught in Chinese, but with a global perspective and the teaching of English tea terminology. The college provides education in tea science and cultivation, tea arts and culture, tea drinking promotion, as well as preparing people in the field of tea marketing.          

Professional fields of study
* Tea Production and Processing Technology 茶叶生产加工技术
* Marketing and Market Development 市场开发与营销
* Food Processing and Technology 食品加工技术
* Tea Culture 茶文化
* Tourism Management 旅游管理

Tenfu Tea College 天福茶学院
Address: Pantuo, Zhangpu, Zhangzhou City, Fujian, China
Zip code: 363202
TEL: +86(596) 3184047  FAX: +86(596) 3184051
Official site: http://www.tftc.edu.cn/  (Chinese)

格物致知一叶入魂——漳州天福茶职业技术学院招生简章漳州天福茶职业技术学院(简称天福茶学院),2007年2月经福建省人民政府闽政文[2007]44号文批准建校, 是全国第一所民办茶学全日制普通高等专科职业学校。其办学宗旨在于:培养适应世界茶业经济和社会发展急需的,德、智、体、美全面发展的, 语言沟通能力强、综合素质高,具有创新精神和实践能力的应用型高级专门人才。学制三年,在校生规模为3,000人。著名茶学家、博士生导师刘勤晋教授任天福茶学院首届校长。中国工程院陈宗懋院士任名誉校长。天福茶学院由天福集团投资人民币2亿元创办, 校址位于海峡西岸经济区核心地带福建省漳浦县盘陀镇, 外在上海至深圳高速铁路和厦(门)汕(头)高速公路的交汇点上,交通便捷,环境优美。学院占地1,200亩,校园建筑面积13.5万平方米。校区依山傍水,景色秀丽;设施现代一流,实验设备先进;建筑风格典雅,形成一个集教育、 科研和观光旅游于一体的新概念高校园区。天福茶学院依靠天福集团海内外强大市场及中国驰名商标巨大影响力,依靠从国内、 海外著名高校聘来的专任和兼任教师,把专业教学与实习、实训紧密结合, 利用现有的校办工厂和实验茶园,实行“双师”、“两证”的办学模式, 力求闯出一条独具特色的高等职业教育创新之路。学院以“格物致知,一叶入魂”,作为校训鼓励学生热爱专业,奋发有为。 2007 年秋季,按福建省教育厅下达计划, 招收参加高考成绩合格的学历教育学生400名, 其中茶叶生产加工技术专业招收50人、市场开发与营销专业招收100人、 食品加工技术专业招收70人、茶文化专业招收100人、旅游管理专业招收80人。要求学生无 色盲,身体健康。学生每年每人学费:茶叶生产加工技术专业6,000元,食品加工技术专业、 市场开发与营销、茶文化专业、旅游管理专业各为6,500元。住宿费(学生公寓,4人一间)1,200元/生/年。书籍费400元/生/年(代收费,多退少补)。学生注册缴费后,因故不能继续学习者,按教育部有关规定办理退款。学业成绩合格者,发给国家承认、教育部统一制定、 学院独立颁发的天福茶职业技术学院大专学历毕业证书。优秀学生工作优先录用,品学兼优、外语表达能力强者, 推荐天福集团M獠枰斗止揪鸵怠? 为了让经济困难的学生得以安心上学, 学院特设助学金。凡高考成绩上本科线、 自愿投报本校的学生,入学后给予一次性助学金5,000元, 还可视情况减免学费, 提供勤工俭学机会。优秀学生次年起可参加学年度奖学金评定,一等奖颁发证书, 奖励人民币5,000元。天福茶学院筹建以来,得到党和国家各级领导的亲切关怀与大力支持。中共中央政治局委员、国务院副总理吴仪、回良玉,福建省省委书记卢展工、 省长黄小晶等都到茶学院视察工作,给予指导。学院还得到中国茶业界多位著名专家的鼎力相助,中国工程院陈宗懋院士、 浙江大学博士生导师刘祖生教授、安徽农大王镇恒教授、厦门大学博士生导师郑学檬教授、 湖南农大博士生导师施兆鹏教授、福建农大詹梓金教授等担任校务委员。天福茶学院决心秉承以德治校,崇尚一流之宗旨,努力培养品德高尚、学业精良的学子, 把中国茶送往五洲四海,让东方神韵赐福世界和平。


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another tea baby 又個茶嬰

This is a tea dance with music and words.(don't laugh too hard at me)
It has four parts: born, young, old, death and reborn.
We are just like teas. Teas are like us.
This dance is a story of tea, people, and life.



Another Tea Baby

Born from the water, with five senses ready for the world;
the world is big and chasing tea is bigger.
Dancing in the fire, Tea is fun;
playing Tea is wild.
Walking together on air, yes together;
Tea has become an old friend.
Returning to the earth once again, so soon;
yet Tea will be there for the next generations to come.

Steven R. Jones
03/31/07 Taipei
Revised 05/06/07

作者/ Steven R. Jones
譯註/ 涂國瑞
(revision june 28, we have also coordinated 協調 the poem into a Tea Arts Performance 茶文藝表演; 2009 Tenfu Tea College, drama; 2011 International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, Taipei, dance)


book: Tea and Ceremony

"Tea and Ceremony" by Diana Saltoon.

This is a very good book on tea by a Westerner, the reason I state this is because I am happy to see The West, not only interested but sincerely learning about the Asian Cultures and Asian Classics. Diana Saltoon has actually "lived tea", meaning she has studied and experienced tea from the heart and soul, this can be seen in her writing. I have read much on tea and some things get lost in the translations, not only the translations of language, but the translation of understanding, comprehending, and experiencing, then being able to write for the reader. It is not easy to immerse yourself in Tea Culture and write about tea...you have to live tea. I like that she has looked and tea from different angles and she has done her home...she write of Lu Yu the Tea Saint and also tea's roots from China. She also delves into the relationship with tea and Zen/Chan. Great job Ms. Diana Saltoon!

About the author:

Tea and Ceremony: Experiencing Tranquility
Diana Saltoon began practicing Zen in 1981 and was introduced to Chado - The Way of Tea, at the Green Gulch Zen Center near San Francisco, California. She received a certificate of Chamei from the Urasenke School in Kyoto, Japan, and is a teacher at the Portland Wakai Tea Association in Oregon.
A member of the Zen Community of Oregon, she gives presentations and workshops on the Zen Art of Tea.
Ms. Saltoon is the author of Tea and Ceremony (2004), The Common Book of Consciousness (1990), and Four Hands: Green Gulch Poems (1987).

For more information on the book, can be found here.

Tea and Zen
A clean and well put together website, that discusses tea and man's relationship with tea and the world around (nature, or the the natural order of things).very educational.they also have a book worth looking at.