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List of Tea Associations

Tea Associations

ITC- International Tea Committee- Established in 1933, the International Tea Committee (ITC) has been providing the tea industry with valuable statistical information for 75 years.United Kingdom Tea Council-The UK Tea Council is an independent non-profit making body dedicated to promoting tea & its unique story for the benefit of those who produce, sell & enjoy tea.China Tea Science Society No English version China Tea Marketing Association No English version Japan Tea Association No English version Japan Tea Central Association Producers' Association No English version A portal website offering latest news about tea industry of the United States. You can also log into the websites of the three major tea institutions in US from the site.They are The Tea Association of the USA, Inc., The Tea Council of the USA, and the Specialty Tea Institute (STI)Tea Association of CanadaSri Lanka Tea Board-The Sri Lanka Tea Board is a non commercial service org…

Tea culture and studies education schools

Tea culture and studies education

* Tenfu Tea College
Tenfu Tea College is the world's first private vocational college to specialize in the study of the tea industry. It is located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China, Degrees in the following disciplines are: Tea Production and Processing (茶叶生产加工技术), Market Prospection and Marketing (市场开发与营销), Food Processing (食品加工技术), Tea Culture (茶文化) and Tourism Management (旅游管理).
Official website:

* Tatung Institute Tea Culture and Department of Business Management
Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology Tea Culture and Department of Business Management, has curriculum tailored to specialize in the study of the tea industry like, Tea Production and Processing, Market Prospection and Marketing, Tea Culture, and Tourism Management.  It is the first college in Taiwan to have specialize curriculum in tea studies. It is situated in Chiayi, Taiwan.
Official website:

* Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute
Lu-Yu Tea C…

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