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Tea Culture Monthly (茶藝月刊) #273

Tea Culture Monthly (茶藝月刊) #272

Wuyi mountain is not just one mountain!

Wuyi Mountain , Fujian, China
The Wuyi mountain scenic spot situated in the middle of the Wuyi mountain range, within the boundary of Wuyishan City. Well-known for its scholars and poets. Wuyi Scenic Area has been designated as a Chinese National Scenic Area.


10th Wuyi Mountain International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 第十屆武夷山國際無我茶會 2005

1. 第十屆武夷山國際無我茶會台灣團紀念特刊
10th Wuyi Mountain International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony,
Taiwan Group Special Edition

2. 第十屆國際無我茶會台灣團員名單:
10th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Taiwan Group Attendees

3. 2005年世界奉茶日台灣舉辦場次統計表:
The List of Taiwan Organizers for 2005 Tea Appreciation Day

4. 台灣中華國際無我茶會推廣協會第六屆理監事名單:
Taiwan Wu-Wo Tea Association 6th Board of Directors

5. 無我茶會彈性與原則:
Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Flexible Rules and Standard Principles

6. 第十屆國際無我茶會九天八夜行程表:
10th Wuyi Mountain International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony,
Taiwan Group Travel Itinerary

7. 創辦人的話-武夷山是最常舉辦國際無我茶會的地方
Founder's Speech-- Wuyi Mountain is the most often place to organize an International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

8. 台灣無我茶協理事長的話-無我茶會在台灣
Taiwan Wu-Wo Tea Association Chairman’s Speech-- Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony in Taiwan

9. 2004~2005年台灣中華國際無我茶會推廣協會年度記事:
2004-2005 Annual Chronicle for Taiwan Wu-Wo Tea Association

English translations Steven R. Jones (2005)


中文--- "四序茶會" 英文 -- “Perennial Tea Ceremony”

中文--- "四序茶會" 英文 -- “Perennial Tea Ceremony”

Group, Co., LTD
Ten Ren Teaism Foundation
Secretary-General, Founder Lin Easu of, "Perennial Tea Ceremony"
老師: 劉淑娟
Instructor: Janace


Ten Ren Teaism Foundation Secretary-General, Founder Lin Easu of, "Perennial Tea Ceremony" is based on the five elements and the five colors associated with them. With eternal continuity, perfect harmony, rhythm and vitality of nature. Also promotes cultivation of love and respect for nature. Each of four tea brewers are that are linked in sequence according to the season assigned. The Chinese term "四序茶會" has two parts, the last part "茶會", means Tea Ceremony, the first part "四序", means four steps or sequences that are linked together. Each one represent a season of the year and one of the "五" five elements and also a color, the element "earth" is represented in the center of the ceremony along with incense burners and flowers. Each one of the tea brewers with a tea corresponding to a seasons moving around this center ??earth??, with no end or beginning, therefore the Tea Ceremony is 四序 Perennial. Gogyou(五行), in Chinese it's `WuXing' and they are like the elements of European Alchemy, though it has five elements rather than four. The five elements are: 木 wood, 火 fire, 土 earth, 金 metal, and 水 water.
The five elements五元素, 五行,
金 metal 西 west 白 white 秋 fall / autumn
木 wood 東 east 青 green 春 spring
水 water 北 north 黑 black 冬 winter
火 fire 南 south 赤 red 夏 summer
土 earth 中 center 黃 yellow @

written by Steven R. Jones
oct. 2005 (revised 12 oct. 05)

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Perennial Tea Ceremony