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Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, (I)

Feb 25, 2007, at 11:00am the first "Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony", in the San Diego area, Fallbrook.121 & 125 E. Hawthorne, at "BlissSville's" and"Fallbrook Holistic Health Center", was held and it was great ! Thanks to Holly's yoga center, the place was made for having tea ceremonies. Many of the brewers had never heard of Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony and none had ever participated in one. I was personally impressed at the enthusiasm of the brewers and how smooth things went. At the end of the ceremony we did something that Ariel does often and teaches, called "tone circles", we all chanted in a very resonating level it was a perfect finish. Everyone including myself can't wait to do this again.
NOTE:--(revised Sep 2007, Jan 5, 2009"removed International from Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony") It's just a word, it is my fault, the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is reserved for the international event held every two years. At the bottom of the …

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, (II)

San Diego 2007, 1st "Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony", on Feb 25, 2007, at 11:00am held in Fallbrook.

Coordinators: Steven & Lee Shang Jones
Assistant Coordinators: Frederick & Ariel Rasp, Holly Steele
Photographer: Tom Denny
Assistants: Tamara Stadler, Sandy, Ken Sanders, Steve, Dennis Graphics: Derik, FedEx Kinko’s Click here for pics

new on the block but real tea learning, not ads

looks nice with some good info
"Steepology Tea Info",

there is a section on history and myth and these stories if you have not heard them are interesting but dont count myth of as myth, the is usually some or lots of truth to many myths.

"How to do tips" for Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 無我茶會 style can be used for Tea Appreciation Day
Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a simple way to brew, serve, and drink tea, it can be done together or alone. Make tea more than just a drink, make it an event t enrich life.

The Chinese term "Wu-Wo無我" literally is the Buddhist term “Sanskrit: anatta; Pali: anatman”, loosely defined as “no self”.  (Chinese: 无我/無我wúwǒ; Japanese: muga; Korean: 무아, mua; Vietamese: vô ngã; Sanskrit: anatman; Pali: anatta.)

Wu-wo tea ceremony tea ware: teapot or coverbowl; tea pitcher; 4 cups; serving tray; cloth; brewing mat; thermos; timer; seat cushion, and a backpack.

The circular rainbow is a group of rings in the colors of the rainbow. The colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

                                                                                =       =       =    

無我茶會形式: 圍成圈圈,人人泡茶,人人奉茶,人人喝茶。抽籤決定座位。依同一方向奉茶(向左或向右)。自備茶具、茶葉與泡茶用水。事先約定泡茶杯數、泡茶次數、奉茶方法,並排定會程。席間不語。
無我茶會茶具:茶壺/蓋碗、 茶盅、 茶杯、 奉茶盤、 茶巾、 包壺巾、 熱…

BlissSville as an Oasis for your Body, Mind & Spirit

On Feb 25, 2007, at 11:00am the first " Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony", in the San Diego area, Fallbrook.

121 & 125 E. Hawthorne, at "BlissSville's" and"Fallbrook Holistic Health Center".
Also my first in America! (This event is a non-profit and free no charge).
Below are some of the people that will attend.

Found another tea shop, this time it’s a husband and wife team in Fallbrook CA, Frederick and Ariel real devoted people, and the tea shop had a very good feeling, (good Qi/Chi/氣), they were celebrating the Chinese New Year, and enjoying some great teas. I was surprise by the different people coming in and out to say hi and have tea and snacks, I heard one man talking about making laser for identifying crystals, and a lady that was a “Feng Shui consultant” (pronounced "fung shway", in English). Also some Yoga practitioners.

The tea in the picture is a lotus flower and BlissSville’s , Phoenix Eyes- a high quality pearl green tea with lots of beaut…

士林社區大學茶道藝術社, Tea Arts Society, Shihlin C.C.


Tea Arts Society, Shihlin C.C.茶道藝術社團,臺北市士林社區大學 Tea Arts Society, Shilin Community College
老師, Teacher: 涂國瑞 Tea Master Instructor Tu Kuo-Juey
士林社大茶道藝術社「上課最久」的學員林淑珍,在茶道藝術社開班就上課至今,她說,講師傳授的是20 年習茶經驗,她才習茶9年,不算什麼,雖然有時與初級學員同班,對舊生而言反而是「溫故知新」,同學間因「茶緣」成為好朋友,才是最大的收獲。