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tea ceremony and yangming mountain pics

Yangming Mountain National Park 陽明山國家公園 located near Taipei. During the Japanese occupation era of Taiwan, it was known as Datun National Park大屯国立公園.  Seven Star Mountain (七星山, 1,120 m). Yangming  Mountain was originally called Grass Mountain 草山. The first national park was established during the Japanese occupation in 1937.


練習小考2011.02.23 tea quiz


1. Added processing的中文名為:
(a)萎凋  (b)初製  (c)加工 (d) 揉捻

2. 風選的英文名為:
(a) separating  (b) blowing  (c) winnowing  (d) added processing

3. 揉捻的英文名為:
(a) twisting  (b) shaping  (c) compressing  (d) rolling

4. Aging的中文名為:
(a) 陳放  (b) 收茶  (c) 精製  (d) 焙火

5. 渥堆的英文名為:
(a) Puer aging  (b) piling  (c) aging  (d) fermentation

English version
Tea Studies Quiz
1. What is the Chinese term for "Added processing"?
(a)萎凋  (b)初製  (c)加工 (d) 揉捻

2. What is the English term for "風選"?
(a) separating  (b) blowing  (c) winnowing  (d) added processing

3. What is the English term for "揉捻"?
(a) twisting  (b) shaping  (c) compressing  (d) rolling

4. What is the Chinese term for "Aging"?
(a) 陳放  (b) 收茶  (c) 精製  (d) 焙火

5. What is the English term for "渥堆"?
(a) Puer aging  (b) piling  (c) aging  (d) fermentation


Tea and Incense茶與香

Tea and Incense 茶與香National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 國立中正紀念堂
Feb 13, 2011

  • pics照片 https://picasaweb.google.com/icetea8/Cks_tea_incense
  • 2/08/2011

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    if you would have told me years ago, there was going to be Wikipedia ran by everyone or anyone(even allowing people like me?), and it is editing almost as you read, i would have laughed and said, "i give it a year or two before it folds". well the honeymoon's over, but Wiki is so great that it speaks for itself. and on this little dog-ear page, i too will "try" to contribute what I can. since i use wikipedia for learning myself and i don't give any money donations, the least i can do is keep the other editors busy. wiki is a social-multigroup of all kinds of different people. so remember to be nice, even if the other guys or girls arnt, at least at the end of the day you can say "i have class...".
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    Lu Tong's Seven Bowls of Tea (translations) 七碗詩

    Lu Tong's Seven Bowls of Tea 七碗詩 ---LuTong (Tang. 790~835)盧仝(唐. 790~835)

    The first bowl moistens my lips and throat; 一碗喉吻潤,
    The second bowl breaks my loneliness; 二碗破孤悶,
    The third bowl searches my barren entrails but to find 三碗搜枯腸,
    Therein some five thousand scrolls; 惟有文字五千卷,
    The fourth bowl raises a slight perspiration 四碗發輕汗,
    And all life's inequities pass out through my pores; 平生不平事盡向毛孔散,
    The fifth bowl purifies my flesh and bones; 五碗肌骨清,
    The sixth bowl calls me to the immortals. 六碗通仙靈,
    The seventh bowl could not be drunk, 七碗吃不得也,
    only the breath of the cool wind raises in my sleeves. 唯覺兩腋習習清風生。
    Where is Penglai Island, Yuchuanzi wishes to ride on this sweet breeze and go back. 蓬萊山﹐在何處,玉川子乘此清風欲歸去。
    (Steven R. Jones 2008)

    (Just for fun) While machine translation can be very helpful, it can be funny at times:
    below is the google translation
    ---google translation---
    Seven bowls of poetry, Lu Tong, Tang. (790 ~ 835)
    Run a bowl of throat kiss,
    Second, breaking the bowl alone, nausea,
    Three bowls of search desperately,
    Text only five thousand volumes,
    Siwan light-Khan,
    Grievance to the pores of his life to make casual,
    Wu Wan musculoskeletal clear,
    Liu Wan-pass Faerie,
    Not have to eat seven bowls,
    CD breeze blowing gently feel the two axillary Health.
    Penglai Mountain, where the wind want to go back to take this sub-Tamagawa.

    ---google translation---


    Tea, Tao, and Buddha

    Taoism道家, Buddhism佛家, and Confucianism 儒家 have been an influence in the development of the tea ceremony茶道 and Asian tea culture in general. The elements of the tea ceremony is the harmony of nature and self cultivation, and enjoying tea in an formal and informal setting.


    tea stoves茶爐

    There have been many ways to boil water, and many braziers and stoves:

    The brazier 風爐 has been made of different materials and shapes, Lu Yu had a special brazier just for tea.
    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Classic_of_Tea


    File:Kjj stove.JPG

    Tea Ware Pictorial(茶具图赞) by The Old Man Shenan(审安老人)Pictorial of Tea Ware compiled ca 1269 is the earliest picture book on tea ware used in preparation of Song dynasty tea cake for drinking.

    Here is an article of bamoo stoves of 14th century china.

    "苦節(节)君kujiejun" (other spellings koojiejun/kojiejun) this is a type of bamboo stove and is also a special term for "chazao茶灶" tea stove. Popular during Song Dynasty the bamboo windscreen stove frame would fit on top of a brazier. This is special name for a windscreen stove. This type of stove was also used during the Tang dynasty when tea was boiled.


    ===modern product for boiling tea or water===

     英譯 English translation / Steven R. Jones

    LuYu Tea Brazier

    The style of LuYu tea brazier is based on the one which is described in
    “Lu Yu’s Tea Classic, in the fourth chapter Utensils”
     during the Tang Dynasty.Its design also combines the function of modern tea ware.


    The brazier is shaped like an ancient Chinese three -footed cooking vessel;
     each foot has a Chinese character: “Kan on the top, Xun at the bottom,and Li in
    the center;” (“坎Kan,” “巽Xun,” and “離Li” are three signs of
    the 八卦Eight Trigrams. “Kan” symbolizes Water; “Xun” symbolizes Wind,
    and “Li” symbolizes Fire.  Therefore, there is water boiling on the top,
    wind blowing through at the bottom, and fire burning in the center.
    This sentence describes the function of the brazier.) “The body well
    imbued with the Five Elements is with the intensions to get rid of all
    ailments;” (The tea made by this brazier contains five elements
     in Nature: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.  Drinking this tea can
     balance the circle of five elements in the human body, which allows people
     to purge disease.)  “Starting production in 2010 by Lu Yu.” 


    It has three vents; also, there are some words written on each vents:
    “Yi Gong,” “Geng Lu,” “Shih Cha.”  These words represent the ideal
    aspiration of the tea sage Lu Yu ---“Yi Gong’s delicacy, Lu Yu’s essence”.


    The shape of the kettle is according to the one made by Shih Dabin, a famous
     potter during the Ming Dynasty.  The loop handle is changed to a flexible kind,
    which can increase the space between the handle and the cover,
     so it is easier to be used.The form is very simple. This application
    of two ancient shapes shows the value of traditional way and creates
    a new spirit; it also increases the graceful fun of tea’s taste.

    ※ 建議煮水時,裝水容積約7~8分滿(約900~1000cc),以免沸騰時,熱水溢出。

    It is recommend only adding 70~80% (900~1000cc) water in the kettle, to avoid overflowing of the hot water when boiling.


    Material: Exquisite Heat Resistant Stoneware

    組件:煮水壺(容積約1250cc )×1  風爐座 ×1  酒精燈座 ×1  噴火槍 ×1
    Component : Water Kettle (1250 cc) x1; Brazier Base x1;
                              Alcohol Burner Base x1; Long Lighter x1


    一. 煮水壺
    1. 建議煮水時,裝水容積約7~8分滿(約900cc~1000cc),
    2. 煮水壺採用耐熱低膨脹複合材質,加溫中,溫度非常高,
    3. 水煮開後,壺體溫度非常高,放置桌面時,請先鋪上隔熱墊隔熱。

    檢驗:經台灣SGS 安全檢驗,保證熱水浸泡後不會有危害物質滲出。
    檢驗報告書  檢體

    二. 可調式酒精燃燒器

    1. 請使用品質優良之高純度酒精,較易點燃火燄。
    2. 先取出陶瓷燈芯,注入約7分滿酒精(酒精溢出時,務必先擦乾後
    3. 酒精燈座放穩後,方可點火。點火需使用噴火槍於一定點集中點火。
    4. 酒精燈座旁有一防暴孔是排氣用,功能為防止氣暴,請勿堵塞。
    5. 熄滅爐火前,請先調至小火,檢查滅火罩有無殘留酒精,再行蓋上滅火。
    6. 本產品如有損壞時,請勿使用,亦不宜使用其它零件代替品自行修護使用。

    三. 噴火槍
    1. 使用噴火槍時,請詳閱操作說明。
    2. 在使用中或剛使用完畢後,請勿觸碰火燄噴嘴,避免燙傷,請確定
    3. 連續點火時,請勿超過五分鐘。
    4. 本產品之火燄因完全燃燒,在白天或強光下幾乎看不見火燄,請小心使用。
    5. 噴火槍上下拔開,裡面內裝打火機可調火燄大小(當瓦斯剩於不多時,
         請調至 + ,較能點燃)

     英譯 English translation / Steven R. Jones