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Tea Studies Certification Course

Tea Arts Certification from "Tenfu Tea College天福茶職業技術學院" at the " Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute 陸羽茶藝中心" in Taipei.

Lonely Planet's Tea Education Reference: http://teaarts.blogspot.com/2008/03/learn-and-teach.html

Established in 1980, with thirty years of tradition.

Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute, 3F., #64, Heng-Yang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, 10045
English contact 英文: Steven R. Jones  icetea8@gmail.com
陸羽茶藝中心( 10045台北市衡陽路64號3樓 )
Chinese contact中文: Director Ms. Tu 涂國瑞老師  luyutea@ms59.hinet.net
Tel電話: +886-2-2331-6636
FAX 傳真: +886-2-2389-7786
Website 網址: http://www.luyutea1980.com/

Info on School: http://teaarts.blogspot.com/2009/01/lu-yu-website.html
Location of Taipei School: http://teaarts.blogspot.com/2005/06/ten-fu-group-building.html

Tea Arts Certification
Over thirty years of tradition and experience, and affiliated with the Tenfu Tea College. Certification and classes are from "Tenfu Tea College天福茶職業技術學院" and the " Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute陸羽茶藝中心 ". Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute is the only accredited Tea Studies School in Taiwan.  The school does offer Tea Arts Certification for individuals in the tea industry or with the genuine goal of beginning or continuing learning Tea Arts and Culture for specialized purpose, present or future.
  • Eight hours of intense tea studies hands on training, with several professional teachers all certified and experienced, usually can be finished in two days.
  • Total cost of instruction, tea ware and tea, written material, and fees is around 30,000 Taiwan Dollars.
  • Certificate given upon completion of brewing examination, all instruction and exams are in English.

The course is on a one by one basis, we arrange several instructors, only one student, the course includes tea history, tea manufacturing, evaluation of teas and tasting, Lu-Yu Small Pot Brewing Method,  Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, (all material is included: handouts-English/Chinese, teas, teaware, ...) .

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