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慈濟Tzu Chi Glossary

慈濟Tzu Chi Glossary

靜思茶道 Jing Si Tea Ceremony (Still Thought Tea Ceremony)

慈濟大學茶道社 Tzu Chi University Tea Ceremony Club


5-part plan (relief goods distributions, free clinics,

temporary shelters, permanent housing, job programs)



9/11 American Crisis 九一一

9/21 Quake of Taiwan 九二一

a Buddha's mind 佛心

a commissioner in training; commissioner trainee 培訓委員

a dragon holding a pearl in the mouth, a phoenix

drinking water (refers to the posture when one holds

his/her bowls and chopsticks properly and elegantly)


a guide and mentor for humanity 人間導師

A heart brings blessings; a will brings strength.



a humane doctor 人醫

a place of cultivation for living Bodhisattvas 人間菩薩道場

a practical and positive path 務實、踏實的康莊大道

A single good deed can counteract a thousand 一善破千災

A single good thought each day 每日一善念

A Twinkling Instance is Eternity, A Split of a Second

is Eternal


abandoning, renounce, relinquish, give, (it leads to the

state of )indifference

accommodate anything with all-encompassing love 以大愛包容一切

adult volunteers 志工媽媽

All beings are equal. 眾生平等

All Tzu Chi people and I make the same wish each

year, asking not for good health, but for wisdom and

acuity; asking not for a lighter burden, but for greater

strength; asking not for everything to go as one

wishes, but for perseverance and courage.





An Open Heart and A Pure Mind Brings a Life of

Beauty and Goodness

心寬念純 美善人生

Anatomical Pathology 解剖病理科

Anatomical Pathology Laboratory 解剖病理科實驗室

anatomy class 解剖課

assist each other 協力

Be mindful. 多用心

be tolerant 包容

big family of Tzu Chi 慈濟大家庭

Blessing ceremony 歲末祝福

Bodhisattvas take on different roles in life (菩薩)遊戲在人間

bow 問訊

brings no harm to self, and furthermore can save 不損己身,而能救人

Brother, Sister; if not used as address, “Tzu Chi



Buddha (the verbatim translation: enlightened beings);

the awakened one; the enlightened one


Buddha purifying the globe 佛陀灑淨地球

Buddha treats the ill 佛陀問病圖

Buddha's mind, Teacher's vow 佛心,師志

Buddhism for the Human Realm 人間佛教

Buddhism takes the lotus flower as its symbol. 佛教是以蓮花為標誌

Buddhist 佛教徒

Buddhist chapel 佛堂

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Association 慈濟功德會

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation 慈濟基金會

Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Merit Society 佛教慈濟功德會

Buddhist Prayer Room 佛堂

Buddhist Tzu Chi Merit Association; Buddhist Tzu

Chi Association (April, 1966)


Buddhist Tzu Ching Collegiate Youth Network 慈濟大專青年聯誼會

cadaver 屍體

cannot bear for people to suffer; cannot bear to see the

earth ravaged



cannot bear to see sentient beings suffer 不捨眾生

care recipients; beneficieries 感恩戶

Central Office of Management and Coordination 志業中心

Ci is to bring happiness and well-being; "Bei" is to

relieve suffering.

慈就是與樂, 悲就是拔苦

closing ceremony 圓緣

contentment, gratefulness, understanding through

empathic listening, all-encompassing acceptance

(unconditional acceptance)


contribution 奉獻

cremate 火化

crematory 火葬場

Cultivate a field of blessings 勤耕福田

Da-Ai Drama Series 大愛劇場

Da-Ai Television Station 大愛台

Dalin Hospital 大林醫院

Dalin Tzu Chi General Hospital 慈濟大林醫院

Day-Care Center 托嬰中心

dedication, giving 付出

Department of Education Mission Development 教育志業發展處

Department of International Affairs 國際事務處

Department of Medicine Mission Development 醫療志業發展處

Dharma Master Cheng Yen 證嚴上人

Dharma Master Cheng Yen 證嚴法師

Dharma Master Yin Shun 印順導師

disaster 災情

disaster; calamity 災難

display both strength and gentleness 允文允武

dissection 解剖

do anything that is necessary, do all that it takes 不擇手段

doing one's own part humbly but having much impact

just like with nanotechnology


Donor roster 勸募簿

Don't pass up a good deed because it seems tiny. Don't

commit a bad deed because it seems tiny.


education 教育

Eight Footprints:

1. Charity

2. Medicine

3. Education

4. Culture

5. International relief

6. Bone marrow donation

7. Community volunteers

8. Environmental protection


1. 慈善

2. 醫療

3. 教育

4. 文化

5. 國際賑災

6. 骨髓捐贈

7. 社區志工

8. 環保

Entering my door, you shall not be poor. But,

remaining outside, you will not prosper much.


environmental protection 環保

environmentally-conscious 環保精神

establish an image that reflects the inner sincerity,

integrity, faith and honesty and demonstrate kindness,

compassion, joy, and unselfish giving through their



evaluate the damage 勘災

Extinguish disasters with goodness 以善息災

fact-finding team 勘察小組

Faith is the wellspring of life. 信心是生命的泉源

faith, persistence, courage 信心、毅力、勇氣

feel others' suffering as our own 同體大悲

filial piety 孝道

filial piety 孝道

First to arrive, last to leave 跑在前頭,做到最後

Foreign Language Team 外語隊

Foundation staff, employees of the Tzu Chi 志業體同仁

Four All-Embracing Virtues:

1.?Charitable offerings

2.?Loving words

3.?Beneficial conduct

4.?Cooperative deeds






Four epochs (kalpas): formation, continuation,

destruction, void; formation, existence, decay and

annihilation; formation, continuation, destruction,



Four Immeasurables: kindness, compassion, joy and

unselfish giving


Four Main Missions 四大志業

Four Main Missions and Four Sub-Operations (Eight



four main missions with eight main endeavors 四大八印

Four Major Missions:

1. Charity

2. Medicine

3. Education

4. Culture


1. 慈善

2. 醫療

3. 教育

4. 文化

Four principles:Sincerity, Integrity, Trustworthiness

and Honesty.


Four-Magic Soup, which is made of contentment,

gratitude, understanding and accommodation


fundamentals of being a person 做人的根本

fundraise 募款

give 付出

give back to the place from which you'd taken;

acquire from the local, repay the local; contribute to

the welfare of the locals, since one utilizes the

resources there; having used the local resources, one

should give back to th


giving without asking for anything in return 無所求的付出

giving without seeking anything in return 付出無所求

Global Tzu Chi Day 全球慈濟日

graduation ceremony 畢業典禮

Gratitude Chamber 感恩廳

Great Giving Hall/Memorial Shrine 大捨堂

great kindness, great compassion, great joy, great 大慈大悲大喜大捨

Great Love knows no national boundaries,Great Love

transcends national boundaries


Great Love means giving without asking for anything

in return.


Hall 大廳

having character and humanistic values 人文內涵

Heart Lotus Ward (palliative care); Heart Lotus

Pallitative Care Ward; Heart-Lotus Ward for the

terminal patient (hospice)


heartbreaking; difficult to let go 不捨

hold Nature in reverence 敬天愛地

home care 居家照顧

Home Health Care 居家護理

Home Health Care 居家護理室

Hospital volunteers 醫院志工

Hualien Tzu Chi General Hospital 花蓮慈濟醫院

Hualien Tzu Chi Zone [includes the Tzu Chi

University, the Still Thoughts Hall and the Tzu Chi

General Hospital]


Human beings need to have a grateful heart at each

and every moment; human beings need to feel grateful

at each and every moment


humane doctors 人醫

humanistic medical care 人本醫療

humanistic medicine for all and respect for life 人本醫療,尊重生命

Humanitarian care transcends all borders 人道關懷無國界

Humanities Classroom 人文教室

humanities education 人文教育

Humanities School 人文學校

humanities; humanity 人文

Humanity Courses 人文課程

humanize the Buddhist teachings 佛法人間化

humanize the Buddhist teachings 佛法人間化

humanized Buddhism 人間佛法

in our daily walking, standing, sitting and sleeping 行住坐臥

In this world of impermanence, who knows if they will

live to see tomorrow? We will never know if

tomorrow or the next live will arrive first.


in training 培訓

International conference room in Still Thoughts Hall 國際會議廳

International Disaster Relief 國際救災

International relief 國際賑災

it is only one thought that determines one's mentality 人的心只是在一念而已

Jing Si Abode 靜思精舍

Jing Si Aphorisms; Master Cheng Yen's Aphorisms 靜思語

Jing Si Bamboo Bungalow 靜思竹軒

Jing Si Books and Cafe 靜思書軒

Jing Si Chamber 靜思廳

Jing Si Hall 靜思堂

Jing Si Publications 靜思文化

kindness without regret 慈無悔

Learn it while doing it and do it while learning it. 做中學,學中做

learning to be a good person 做人

leftover and organic refuse from the kitchen 廚餘

Let great love light up the world. 大愛,讓世界亮起來

Let us take the Buddha's compassion as our own,

and the Master's commitment as our own.


Life is impermanent, and the land is fragile. 人生無常,國土危脆

Life Wisdom (Da Ai TV program) 人間菩提

little hut 小木屋

living bodhisattva, living bodhisattvas in this world 人間菩薩

Long-term aid 長期濟助

long-term care recipient; long-term care beneficiery 長期照顧戶

long-term care ward 長期照護慢性病房

Lotus flower of the heart [Meaning: Just as the lotus

flower rises above the muck and mire of a swamp, so

Buddhist purity rises above this world.]


Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy, equanimity

(giving) Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy,


make boxed meals 做便當

Master Cheng Yen's Aphorisms; Jing Si Aphorisms 證嚴法師靜思語

Masters 師父

May all minds be purified, may society be peaceful,

and may there be no disasters in this world.


May all minds be purified, may society be peaceful,

and may there be no disasters in this world. pu

一願人心淨化, 二願社會祥和, 三願天下無災

May there be no disasters in the world; may society be

peaceful; may every family be harmonious and happy;

may everyone love one another .





May you cultivate both blessings and wisdom. 福慧雙修

media 公眾媒體

Mission of Education 教育志業

Mission of Medicine 醫療志業

Missions of charity, medical care, educational

development, cultural promotion.


monastic disciple 出家弟子

moral ethics 倫理道德

No work, no meal. 一日不做,一日不食

one master, one resolve. 一師一志

One step, eight footprints 一步八腳印

our charity work extends internationally; our medical

care is widely assessable; our education system is a

complete system; and our culture is deepening its


慈善國際化 醫療普遍化 教育完全化 文化深


palms together 合掌

paradise on earth 人間淨土

pass away; to be reborn; reincarnated 往生

people who are only functionally involved in Tzu Chi 慈濟的人

President of the Compassion Relief Tzu Chi

Association, Shih Cheng Yen


president of university 大學校長

Project Hope 九二一希望工程

Project Hope 希望工程

public health 公衛

Pure Land (Sukharati); Pureland 淨土

put the cremains into the urn 入龕

recruit living bodhisattvas 人間菩薩招生

recycling 資源回收

recycling from within 環保心靈化

recycling station 環保站

Red envelope of wisdom and blessing 福慧紅包

residential community 慈濟村

Respect for life—let's all join hands and march



reusable containers and utensils 環保碗筷

Rhythms Monthly Magazine 經典雜誌

saving lives, protecting health, and upholding

medicine's mission of love


Silent Mentor 大體老師

Silent Mentor 無語良師

since you enjoy the resources of your new country,

you must give back to the local community


Small Bungalow of Cultivation 修行小木屋

solicit donations 勸募

sorting / classifying recycled material 回收分類

speak kind words, do good deeds and think benevolent



special sheets for the deceased 往生被

spirit of mission and volunteer 志業精神

Spiritual cultivation means to cultivate the mind. 修行就是要修心

Spread the Seeds of Love 愛灑人間

Spread the Seeds of Love Prayer Concerts; (Da Ai TV

calls it) Prayer for Peace Concert


survivors; victims; the suffering 災民

Sutra of Innumerable Meanings 無量義經

Sutra of Profound Gratitude toward Parents 父母恩重難報經

Tanzi Tzu Chi Hospital in Xintian 潭子 新田慈院

tea ceremony 茶道

teaching medical students via simulated surgery 大體模擬手術

tearless candles 不掉淚的蠟燭

the basic discipline of the human being 做人的規矩

the big Tzu Chi family 慈濟大家庭

the ceremonial rituals of Buddhism 佛教儀式

the cornerstone of protecting/guarding life 守護生命的磐石

The Eight Noble Paths refer to eight ways practiced by

the spiritually cultivated to attain liberation.


The Eight Noble Paths

1. Right View

2. Right Thought

3. Right Speech

4. Right Behavior

5. Right Livelihood

6. Right Effort

7. Right Mindfulness

8. Right Contemplation or Right Samadhi


1. 正見

2. 正思

3. 正語

4. 正業

5. 正命

6. 正精進

7. 正念

8. 正定

the five transformations on environmental protection

(in youth, in daily living, in knowledge, in family, in



The Four Considerations:

1. Consider the body as impure

2. Consider the senses as sources of suffering

3. Consider the mind as impermanent and everchanging


1. 身念處

2. 受念處

3. 心念處

4. 法念處

the Four Major Missions Exhibit Hall 四大志業博覽會館

The Four Spiritual Soup embodies the Four Embracing

Virtues in Buddhism are Charity, Affectionate Speech,

Benevolence, and Mutual Effort.

四攝法包含四神湯: 布施, 愛語, 利行, 同事

The Four Treasures of Good Health: Sleep peacefully;

eat happily; laugh merrily and work healthily

健康四寶: 安心睡 快樂吃 歡喜笑 健康做

the Global Village 地球村

the Great Love residential community 大愛村

The Great Love Village (low income housing for the



the human realm bodhisattva path 人間菩薩道

The International Relief and Social Development



The land is fragile. 國土危脆

the medical team 醫療團隊

the mural entitled The Buddha Heals the World. 「佛陀灑淨地球」圖

the proper etiquette and conduct 進退禮儀

the special blanket to cover the deceased 往生被

the spirit of humanity 人道精神

the spirit of humanity in recycling 環保人文

the spirit of Tzu-Chi 慈濟精神理念

the spiritual home of Tzu Chi people 慈濟人的心靈故鄉

the spiritual mission 志業

The Ten Tzu Chi Precepts:

1. Do not kill

2. Do not steal

3. Do not fornicate

4. Do not lie

5. Do not drink alcohol

6. Do not smoke, use drugs, or chew betel nuts

7. Do not gamble or speculate

8. Follow the traffic rules

9. Respect your parents and be moderate in speech and


10. Do not participate in politics or demonstrations

[The ten precepts are rules that all Tzu Chi volunteers

abide by.]


1. 不殺生

2. 不偷盜

3. 不邪淫

4. 不妄語

5. 不飲酒

6. 不抽煙、不吸毒、 不嚼檳榔

7. 不賭博、不投機取巧

8. 遵守交通規則

9. 孝順父母、調合聲色

10. 不參與政治活動、示威遊行

The Tzu Chi Logo [At the bottom is the lotus flower.

It symbolizes Buddhist purity rising above this world,

just like the lotus flower rises out of the muck and

mire of the swamp. The ship is the “dharma ship."

It is a symbol that when we help people who are

suffering from illness and poverty on this shore of life,

we carry them away to the other shore of release and


The Tzu Chi University Elementary School 慈大實小

The Universal Three No's: “In this world, there is

no one I do not love, no one I do not trust, and no one

I do not forgive."





The Value of Life Depends on Having the Right Goals

in Life


The women worked as hard as the men did 女人當男人用

The world of Tzu Chi 慈濟世界

their religion; their faith 信仰

These doctors aspire to be humane doctors. 志為人醫

Those who come to me will never be poor; those who

leave me will never be rich.


Three Kindness: speak kind words, perform kind acts,

and think kind thoughts


three treasured reusable utensils (reusable bowls,

reusable chopsticks, reusable cups)


To complete our education system 教育完全化

To give is to receive 付出就是收穫

to respect life and care for patients like family 尊重生命 視病如親

to study together; retreat; to study Buddha's teachings

as a group


to transform feelings of reluctance into love 化不捨為愛心

To universalize medical care 醫療普遍化

Tranquility Nursing Ward; day care for seniors 輕安居

transform a twinkling instant(Instantaneity) to eternity 化剎那為永恆

Tzu Cheng Faith Corps 慈誠隊

Tzu Cheng/Yi Te Association (medical college) 慈誠懿德會(慈濟醫學院)

Tzu Chi (University) Senior High School 慈濟大學附屬高級中學

Tzu Chi Academy 慈濟人文學校

Tzu Chi College of Medicine 慈濟醫學院

Tzu Chi College of Technology 慈濟技術學院

Tzu Chi Commissioners 委員

Tzu Chi Commissioners 慈濟委員

Tzu Chi Cultural Mission Center 慈濟文化志業中心

Tzu Chi Da Ai TV Station 慈濟「大愛電視台」

Tzu Chi disaster assessment team 慈濟勘災小組

Tzu Chi Doctors (a Da Ai TV program) 「志為人醫守護愛」

Tzu Chi Elementary School 慈大附小

Tzu Chi Elementary School 慈小

Tzu Chi Elementary School 慈濟小學

Tzu Chi Experimental Elementary School 慈濟大學附屬實驗小學

Tzu Chi face cream (smiling) 慈濟面霜

Tzu Chi Four Objects Soup– unity, harmony, mutual

love and joined effort


Tzu Chi General Hospital in Yuli, Hualien County 花蓮玉里慈濟醫院

Tzu Chi head; Tzu Chi hairstyle of commissioners 慈濟頭

Tzu Chi Homes (Villages) 慈濟屋(村)

Tzu Chi Honorary Board Member 慈濟榮譽董事

Tzu Chi Hospital 慈濟醫院

Tzu Chi Hospital 慈院

Tzu Chi Houses 大愛屋,慈濟屋

Tzu Chi humanities 慈濟人文

Tzu Chi humanities curriculum 慈濟人文課程

Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) 人醫會

Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) 慈濟人醫會

Tzu Chi Junior High School 慈大附中

Tzu Chi Little Bodhisattvas 慈濟小菩薩

Tzu Chi Medical Network 慈濟醫療網

Tzu Chi member, regular donating member 慈濟會員

Tzu Chi Missions 慈濟志業

Tzu Chi moms and dads 慈誠懿德

Tzu Chi Monthly 慈濟月刊

Tzu Chi Northern Emergency Rescue Team 慈濟北區急難救助隊

Tzu Chi Quarterly 慈濟英文季刊

Tzu Chi Senior High School 慈大附中

Tzu Chi Teachers Association 慈濟教師聯誼會

Tzu Chi train 慈濟列車

Tzu Chi University 慈濟大學

Tzu Chi Villages of Great Love Homes 慈濟村大愛屋

Tzu Chi volunteer service 慈濟服務志工

Tzu Chi volunteers to maintain their sincerity,

integrity, trustworthiness, and honesty, and manifest

kindness, compassion, joy and giving towards all


Tzu Chi volunteers, Tzu Chi people, Tzu Chi members 慈濟人

Tzu Chi's blue-and-white uniform (of blue shirt and

white pants)


Tzu Chi's dharma path 慈濟宗門

Tzu Chi's dharma path; Tzu Chi School 慈濟宗

Tzu Chi's education of complete person 慈濟全人教育

Tzu Chi's Great Treasure of Sutras 慈濟大藏經

Tzu Chi's volunteer vests 慈濟志工背心

Tzu Shao (high school students) 慈少

Tzu-Chi Medical College 慈大醫學院

unconditional love, trust, and forgiveness 普天三無

United Nations: World Environment Day 世界環保日

Venerable Master Yin Shun 印順導師

vice president of Tzu Chi University 大學副校長

Volunteer Services 志工服務

Volunteer Services [Counter] 志工服務台

Volunteers 志工

Volunteers Morning Assembly 志工早會

We never know if we will live to see tomorrow. 無常先到或是明天先到

We should appreciate, cherish and cultivate blessings. 人要知福、惜福、再造福

When others are hurt, we feel the pain; when others

suffer, we feel the sorrow.


When we are kind to others, we are actually being

kind to ourselves.


Wisdom at Dawn (a Da Ai TV news program 大愛電



Women become superwomen 女人當超人用

Work for Buddhism and for all living beings. 為佛教 為眾生

Work willingly and accept the results joyfully. 甘願做、歡喜受

Working harmoniously together with one heart and

one mind.


worldwide catastrophes 世界性的大災難

Year-End Blessing Ceremony, Year-End Prayer 歲末祝福

You do not have the right to own your life, only the

right to use it.