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The Taipei Tea Culture Expo 台北茶文化博覽會

The Taipei Tea Culture Expo 台北茶文化博覽會

The Taipei Tea Culture Expo 台北茶文化博覽會222222

The Popularity of Taiwanese Tea

Cities derive their particular charms from many things, be it historical sites, art and fashion, such as Rome, Paris, and New York, or for the ideas that have come out of them, such as the coffee culture of Seattle exported as the Starbucks brand, or even the capital of Brazil, Brasilia’s, push to make 60% of the city green, making it the only modern city to be listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.
Taipei is still quite young compared to other cities in the world, but it is blessed with a vibrant culture revolving around tea. Tea has been important to connoisseurs in Taipei since Lu Yu of the Tang dynasty: it is because of tea that collections of Sung dynasty tenmoku tea bowls can be seen in the houses of tea lovers around Taipei; it is because of tea that people have been infusing beverages in the shade of the Banyan trees in Taipei’s parks since the Ming dynasty; and it is because of tea that people from all countries around the world have been going in droves to the tea houses in the city’s lanes and alleys in search of the essence of the culture of tea.?
Tea trees have been a permanent fixture of Taipei for around a century, and huge amounts of tea leaves have passed through Tatao Cheng port on the way to export markets, as tea grew into a booming industry over the course of one hundred years.
Now, everyone in Taipei is familiar with teas such as black tea, green tea, and oolong tea, as well as the internationally renowned pearl milk tea in all its incarnations. Therefore people in Taipei become more and more expert, new teas are produced, tea connoisseurs espouse new tea aromas, tealeaves are packaged in new ways, teapots improve with time, and a new generation of tea lovers take on a new perspective on tea.Tea takes on new dimensions as time passes, and now we can stand up and make our selves heard and let the world know about Taipei Tea Culture.