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Riccardo Yeh, Director of the "Guqin Society"

Last week we had teachers, Riccardo, and his classmates come and played the guqin and it was like stepping back thousand years or so,, back then music was held at a high social status. This string instrument can poduce a multitude of sounds.
this is a writing from our friend Riccardo,
--You know in ancient China, the appreciation of the incense, tea, fine art,music and literature all together formed an complete elite culture, but today it was cut into diffrent fields which looked totally with no relationship between them. It's really pitiful! I hope our guqin society can go to you tea society again and establish along termco-oparaton to restore the subtle elite culture in ancient China.We also have another guqin society in my school: I am the Director of it. We has some kind of concert called 雅集( we invite everyone who love the qin, but do not sell the tickets) around the end of every semester.Hope someday we can play for you all!Best,Riccardo Yeh,,,, Taipei DEC 2006