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Cultural Heritage of China

This cultural exploration is extensive in the detailed descriptions of its content.
However, it is also limited in its representation of Chinese culture. Included is a small portion of that culture. There are an infinite number of ways in an infinite number of combinations that the culture of this area could be represented through description. This is one of them.
Cultural Heritage of China has gone into the public domain!
Beginning in January of 2007, Cultural Heritage of China will offer into the public domain much of our collection. There are only a few exceptions, such as copyrighted works contributed by friends of CHC and republished texts. The other major exception is the Special Reports. None of those will be available under any of our new licenses. What this means, simply, is that anyone visiting our website is free to republish, redistribute or rework any of the text on this website, provided that the resulting work and destination are likewise put into the public domain. Also, it is required that a citation be present on any republication, redistribution or rework.
For further details of our new licenses, please see the following:
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