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book: Tea and Ceremony

"Tea and Ceremony" by Diana Saltoon.

This is a very good book on tea by a Westerner, the reason I state this is because I am happy to see The West, not only interested but sincerely learning about the Asian Cultures and Asian Classics. Diana Saltoon has actually "lived tea", meaning she has studied and experienced tea from the heart and soul, this can be seen in her writing. I have read much on tea and some things get lost in the translations, not only the translations of language, but the translation of understanding, comprehending, and experiencing, then being able to write for the reader. It is not easy to immerse yourself in Tea Culture and write about tea...you have to live tea. I like that she has looked and tea from different angles and she has done her home...she write of Lu Yu the Tea Saint and also tea's roots from China. She also delves into the relationship with tea and Zen/Chan. Great job Ms. Diana Saltoon!

About the author:

Tea and Ceremony: Experiencing Tranquility
Diana Saltoon began practicing Zen in 1981 and was introduced to Chado - The Way of Tea, at the Green Gulch Zen Center near San Francisco, California. She received a certificate of Chamei from the Urasenke School in Kyoto, Japan, and is a teacher at the Portland Wakai Tea Association in Oregon.
A member of the Zen Community of Oregon, she gives presentations and workshops on the Zen Art of Tea.
Ms. Saltoon is the author of Tea and Ceremony (2004), The Common Book of Consciousness (1990), and Four Hands: Green Gulch Poems (1987).

For more information on the book, can be found here.

Tea and Zen
A clean and well put together website, that discusses tea and man's relationship with tea and the world around (nature, or the the natural order of things).very educational.they also have a book worth looking at.