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Name: Steven R. Jones; Link: http://teaarts.blogspot.com/
名字:瓊斯史迪芬Steven R. Jones, 網址: http://teaarts.blogspot.com/


十二月 12/1(六) 每月第一週末專題講座

無我茶會每月茶藝講座、12月1日(星期六上午十時~十二時)特邀Steven R. Jones( 瓊斯史迪芬 )為大家來談(參加國際無我茶會的英語, 西方人文化(Attending an International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony and English))理事長陳依涵敬邀。
(tel 02.2331.6636, ext 9).

In Taipei
Subject: Attending an International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, English, and Western Culture
Lecturer: Steven R. Jones ( 瓊斯史迪芬 )
at Taipei Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute on Dec. 1, 2007 (Sat) 10am-12pm, (2-hours)
Arranged by Chairman Chen.
Lecture/workshop will be in English and Chinese, to register call. Lu Yu Tea Culture Institute (tel 02.2331.6636, ext 9
3F, no. 64, Heng-Yang Road