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International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony kicks off in Korea
Date: October 10, 2007
International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, one of the world's most renowned international tea ceremonies, will take place from later this week in Korea with over 1,000 member participants from 11 countries, organizers said Wednesday (Oct. 10). The ceremony, which originated in Taiwan and is marking its 11th this year, will officially begin on Saturday at the Won-Buddhist Headquarters in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, On Friday evening, participants will attend a welcoming dinner with the Mayor of Iksan City at a Seoul hotel. Following the ceremony in Iksan, participants will move to Seoul to attend a final ceremony at the Changgyeong Palace Sunday. More than 200 people from 10 countries, including China, Japan, the U.S., Italy and Malaysia, will join over 1,000 tea-loving people from Korea in the event. Wu-Wo literally means "void or absolute emptiness of self" and serves as the cornerstone of the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony's basic principle of nondiscrimination and equality. To cultivate this concept, seats for the event are determined randomly through a lottery, and the rules for drinking tea, as well as the variety of teas served, are not limited. Additionally, since the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony lacks any concept of "giving and receiving," tea is served in one direction, thus encouraging the practice of offering tea in a pure and genuine manner. "Through this ceremony, the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony's basic mentality of nondiscrimination, openness, and spontaneity will become widely known," and "it will be an opportunity to promote Korea's traditional tea as high level cultural content to the cultural tourism industry," stated an organizer from the Korean Committee of the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony. To commemorate the commencement of the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony in Korea, The Iksan International Tea Culture Festival will be held at the Bae Mountain Sports Park on Saturday. This festival will feature aspects of the Korean traditional tea culture experience, such as ceramics and the use of natural dyes. Families can also make and enjoy green tea flavored Korean rice cakes traditionally served with tea.
SOURCE : Korea.net