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2008 Tea Appreciation Day 『世界奉茶日』

我們想大約有100人會來。 但是幾乎200人來。
台北市政府安康老人自費安養中心, Steven Jones, 5/6(二), 上午9:00,安康安養中心, 茶席. 100人
We had a Tea Appreciation Day and a Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony at the Ankang Senior Center in Taipei, May 6, 2008, the eight tea brewers sitting at tables made tea Wu-Wo style (sharing tea with the other brewers and the spectators). We were expecting about 100 people, but the place was packed with over one hundred people! There were other performances, such as dancing, singing, comedy, and awards.



活動規劃:STEVEN R. JONES老師、張麗香老師

奉茶茶友:STEVEN R. JONES老師、張麗香老師、謝婉珊、林淑珍、洪祥華、黃志麗、林慶陽