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tea and food if you must

When I drink tea, I prefer to enjoy the tea experience exclusively (usually no foods). but let's discuss the topic of teas and foods, the tea needs to be brewed (tea brewer or tea master) and sometimes a tea server will work together with the tea drinking/serving/brewing. If the tea is to be served with a meal, a tea master should make a standard set of flexible suggestions teas/foods and then passed on to the tea servers, "tea stewards". Usually when arranging a tea/foods menu I will suggest sweeter foods or fish with green teas, pork or salty foods with oolongs , and steak or sour foods with black teas. Or the time of day can also be used to determine what type of tea to serve. An example starting in the morning, green tea, mid-day oolong, afternoon, black tea, evening, puerh, also an after dinner tea can be a scented/flower tea. But like any thing there is no strict laws, we can only suggest, the real choice is up to the guest or customer.