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台北植物園 Taipei Botanical Garden, Taiwan (TPBG)

台北植物園 Taipei Botanical Garden,Taiwan(TPBG)
電話:(02)2303-9978 地址:10066台北市南海路53號 E-mail:tpbg@tfri.gov.tw
Address: NO.53, Nan-Hai Road, Taipei 10066, Taiwan. R.O.C.

  8 Hectares of Taipei Nursery (today’s Taiwan Forestry Research Institute) was located in the South West of Taipei city, half a kilometre away from the President Palace, in the South of Bo Ai Road. Dating back to A.D.1896, Taiwan was then under Japanese occupation. The Regenerative and Products Bureau of the Governor General's Office was in charged with less than 5 hectares and started a nursery. Subsequently, an expansion was undertaken and the site area reached 15 hectares. One part of the land was used to nurture seedlings; the rest was divided into several areas to conserve seedlings and cultivate saplings. Plants from Japan and Taiwan were planted in different gardens with to fulfil various functions including identification, research and education.  So far, Taipei Botanical Garden has expanded to the extent that its living collection is over 1,500 species.


Photos照片(jun2011): https://picasaweb.google.com/icetea8/TaipeiBotanicalGardenJun2011