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2012 WTE Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 世界茶展無我茶會

拉斯維加斯茶文化學會 Las Vegas Tea Endowment Academy, or LVTEA
沙漠甘泉無我茶會 Las Vegas Wu-Wo Tea Club (Desert Springs Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony)

The Sound of Silence is Harmony
News, 02 Jun 2012
By World Tea News, LAS VEGAS, Nev.

Sharing tea in silence seems disquieting at first, accustomed as we are in the West to chatting, but to witness a Wu-Wo Ceremony is moving.

Friday after the show floor emptied 90 participants shared their favorite tea with a group of fellow tea lovers in a variety of styles while spectators quietly watched.

The Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, which originates in Taiwan, encourages all people regardless of tea expertise, age, sex, nationality, or wealth to simply share a tea of their own making.

Participants were seated in long rows on a carpet at the back of the hall and engaged in the task of preparing tea, while simultaneously receiving tea ? in silence. Spectators quietly observed.

Organizers explained ‘that through this humble exchange that the acts of both giving and accepting merge into one, reminding us that distinctions can never fully define anything. Tea is the catalyst. The beauty of the ceremony lies not only in its intent but also in its practice.”
Seating was random. No one knew beforehand who was to receive their tea or whose tea they would receive. The basic rules are simple. Tea is made four times in four servings each time.

•First brew, tea is poured into four cups and served to the adjacent three neighbors on the left (participants reserve the last cup to enjoy for themselves). Participants then receive three cups of tea served from the adjacent three neighbors on their right.
•The second brew is poured into four spectator cups and served to four spectators. Participants then return and fill their own cup if any tea is left.
•With a third brew participants take the tea pitcher and serve the same three tea brewers on the left.
•In the final brew participants take the tea pitcher and serve any four spectators that do not have tea.
The Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute has promoted the ceremony since 1991. It is named for Lu Yu, the 8th-century "sage of tea.”


World Tea Expo, Words from the Mayor
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The World Tea Expo will be in Las Vegas this week, from June 1st to June 3rd. This is the largest global event for the tea industry, and the event is being held in Las Vegas. Locally based World Tea Media is hosting the event. The question on everyone’s mind is if tea is as big as coffee?

If Las Vegas’ Mayor has anything to say about it, it would be that tea is the winner, as Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman officially proclaimed that June is “World Tea Month”, and this proclamation is made in honor of the event’s 10 year anniversary.

The Mayor’s official proclamation is “In honor of World Tea Expo’s vision to develop the tea community and bring greater awareness to the tea industry, we declare June to be World Tea Month, to support World Tea Expo’s mission to strengthen the message of tea.”

With the World Tea Expo kicking off shortly, it should also be mentioned that the National Iced Tea Month is also starting up as well, and features a special Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, hosted by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

The World Tea Expo covers every aspect of tea, from the leaf, to the cup, to even tea pots. There will be over 200 vendors set up, and plenty of tea as well as baked goods to enjoy.

Live From World Tea Expo 2012:
Friday June 1st
June 2, 2012 7:44 pm

The first Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony took place in an open space at the back of the exhibit hall. A large group of individuals brought their tea equipment and prepared in silence for those beside them. It was unique to watch and because it is so new to people I’m sure it will grow and improve if it is featured again next year.


                                                         2012 WTE Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 世界茶展無我茶會

                                                          2012 WTE Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 世界茶展無我茶會



拉斯維加斯華人文化藝術社團之一 -- 「沙漠甘泉無我茶會」六月一日應主辦單位
 (組委會) 之邀,參加了在拉斯維加斯會展中心北館舉行的本屆世界茶展 (WORLD
TEA EXPO , WTE)  首次舉辦的國際性強、適合多元文化的無我茶會演示 (Wu-Wo
Tea Ceremony)。


沙漠甘泉無我茶會 Las Vegas Wu-Wo Tea Club (Desert Springs Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony)
今年(2012) 本會接到在拉斯維加斯市舉辦的「世界茶展」(WORLD TEA EXPO),也是
美國唯一最大的以茶為主的最大會展、 主辦方的邀請,將在六月一日開展當日與參
沙漠甘泉無我茶會 Las Vegas Wu-Wo Tea Club
(Desert Springs Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony)

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