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第14屆國際無我茶會14th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony (무아차회 無我茶會)

(무아차회 無我茶會)

第14屆國際無我茶會-邀請函-舉辦日期:2013年10月9 ~ 13日舉辦地點:韓國(釜山、慶州、大邱)
14th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, October 9th-13th, 2013; (Busan, Kyungju, and Daigu)Korea. 


The circular rainbow is a group of rings in the colors of the rainbow. The colors are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

The Chinese term "Wu-Wo無我" literally is the Buddhist term “Sanskrit: anatta; Pali: anatman”, loosely defined as “no self” or no permanent self or soul.

無我茶會形式: 圍成圈圈,人人泡茶,人人奉茶,人人喝茶。抽籤決定座位。依同一方向奉茶(向左或向右)。自備茶具、茶葉與泡茶用水。事先約定泡茶杯數、泡茶次數、奉茶方法,並排定會程。席間不語。
無我茶會茶具:茶壺/蓋碗、 茶盅、 茶杯、 奉茶盤、 茶巾、 包壺巾、 熱水器、 計時器、 坐墊、 旅行提包。
Wu-wo tea ceremony procedure: sit in a circle, everyone brews, serves, and drinks tea.... Draws lots for seating. Serve in the same direction (either left or right). Bring tea, water, and teaware. Read public announcement beforehand. Please try to be quiet.
Wu-wo tea ceremony tea ware: teapot or coverbowl; tea pitcher; 4 cups; serving tray; cloth; brewing mat; thermos; timer; seat cushion, and a backpack.
Chinese: 无我/無我wúwǒ; Japanese: muga; Korean: 무아, mua; Vietamese: vô ngã; Sanskrit: anatta; Pali: anatman.
  • kr:::무아(無我)는 산스크리트어 아나트만(अनात्मन् anātman, anatman, 팔리어: anattā) 혹은 니르아트만(nir-ātman)의 번역어로 비아(非我)라고도 한다.
  • cn:: 無我(梵文:Anātman/Nirātman),佛教根本思想之一。
  • jp:: 無我(むが、パーリ:anattā、サンスクリット:अनात्मन् anātman)は、仏教用語で、「我」に対する否定を表し、文字通りには「我ならざるもの」という意味である。

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