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四序茶會 Perennial Tea Ceremony

中文--- "四序茶會"
英文 -- “Perennial Tea Ceremony”, "Four Season Tea Ceremony"
“the cultivation and harmony of man an nature
四序 -four sequences, four seasons, perennial, lasting an indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal; "perennial happiness"
四 -four, 4
序 -preface: initial: order: sequence: foreword:
茶會 –tea ceremony
四季 -four season
Group, Co., LTD
Ten Ren Teaism Foundation
Secretary-General, Founder Lin Easu of, "Perennial Tea Ceremony"

牆上懸掛「四季山水圖」,及「名壺名器名山在,佳茗佳人佳氣生」對聯點出了「四序茶會」的主題精神。茶席和正中央的花香案則鋪以青、赤、白、黑、黃等五色桌巾以呈現「四序遷流,五行變易」。伴隨著悠揚的古琴樂聲中,司香與司茶迎賓入席。司香以香禮敬 之後,四位司茶分別依冬、春、夏、秋的次序入場,向來賓行花禮後入座,沖泡代表四季的四種茶湯:(春)文山包種、(夏)白毫烏龍、(秋)桂花金萱、(冬)阿里山金萱。司茶依序奉上四道茶湯,讓賓客在品味茶湯的過程中亦品味自然時序的遞嬗輪轉;最後,司茶起身收回賓客手中的茶杯,司香行禮撤香,司茶行花禮後,樂聲停止為茶會劃下完美句點。 

Ten Ren Teaism Foundation Secretary-General, Founder Lin Easu of, "Perennial Tea Ceremony also called Four Season Tea Ceremony" is based on the five elements and the five colors associated with them. With eternal continuity, perfect harmony, rhythm and vitality of nature. Also promotes cultivation of love and respect for nature. Each of four tea brewers are that are linked in sequence according to the season assigned. The Chinese term "四序茶會" has two parts, the last part "茶會", means Tea Ceremony, the first part "四序", means four steps or sequences that are linked together. Each one represent a season of the year and one of the "五" five elements and also a color, the element "earth" is represented in the center of the ceremony along with incense burners and flowers. This tea ceremony is an important link to modern tea culture and ceremony with the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony.

Each one of the tea brewers with a tea corresponding to a seasons moving around this center "heaven and earth"earth, suggest an idea of the endless cycle of the seasons, with no end or beginning, therefore the Tea Ceremony is 四序 perennial/repeating four seasons. Gogyou(五行), in Chinese it's `WuXing' and they are like the elements of European Alchemy, though it has five elements rather than four. The five elements are: 木 wood, 火 fire, 土 earth, 金 metal, and 水 water.
The five elements五元素, 五行,
Master of Ceremonies, Flower Bearers, Incense Bearers, Tea Bearers
金 metal  西 west  白 white   秋       autumn
木 wood 東 east   青 green   春       spring
水 water 北 north  黑 black   冬      winter
火 fire     南 south  赤 red      夏      summer
土 earth  中 center 黃 yellow 天地 heaven and earth

Tea setting
There are spring, summer, fall, and winter teas. “Perennial Tea Ceremony” (Perennial, literally means four steps or sequences that are linked together and each one represents a season of the year). The tea ceremony includes four tea settings(茶席) and a tea master(司茶), below are the four settings:
春風(Spring Wind), green, east
夏露(Summer Dew), red, south
秋籟(Fall Sounds), white, west
冬陽(Winter Sunshine) black, north
Each tea setting is arranged and stands for the four directions (north, south, east, and west). A vase of the seasons flowers are put on tea table. Some times if four tea masters are include then five chairs are arranged per each tea setting, making a total of twenty plus the 4 tea masters equalling 24, which symbolizes the 24 solar terms of the Chinese calendar, and represents that nature continues or is perennial.

中國話 (Traditional Chinese)
adj. - 四季不斷的, 繼續多年的 n. - 多年生植物. 永久的,不斷的,沒完沒了的, 四季開花的, 自強

Perennial -lasting an indefinitely long time; suggesting self-renewal; "perennial happiness"

perennial is similar to:
long — primarily temporal sense; being or indicating a relatively great or greater than average duration or passage of time or a duration as specified

Main Entry: pe·ren·ni·al
Pronunciation: p&-'re-nE-&l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin perennis, from per- throughout + annus year -- more at PER-, ANNUAL
1 : present at all seasons of the year
2 : persisting for several years usually with new herbaceous growth from a perennating part
3 a : PERSISTENT, ENDURING b : continuing without interruption : CONSTANT, PERPETUAL c : regularly repeated or renewed : RECURRENT
synonym see CONTINUAL
PERENNIAL implies enduring existence often through constant renewal
PERENNIAL means; characterized by continued occurrence or recurrence
中文--- "四序茶會" 英文 –
“Perennial Tea Ceremony”
written by Steven R. Jones
Taipei, Jun. 2005
(revised 12 Oct. 05)

The five elements
The three realms of heaven, earth, and mankind are subject to natural cycles; including the yin and yang cycle , which corresponds to yielding and hard, shade and sunlight, feminine and masculine, and the moon and sun. The five elements or phases is another cycle of the elements of: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water succeeded each other in rotation and each corresponds with certain traits of the three realms.