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Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, (I)

Feb 25, 2007, at 11:00am the first "Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony", in the San Diego area, Fallbrook.121 & 125 E. Hawthorne, at "BlissSville's" and"Fallbrook Holistic Health Center", was held and it was great ! Thanks to Holly's yoga center, the place was made for having tea ceremonies. Many of the brewers had never heard of Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony and none had ever participated in one. I was personally impressed at the enthusiasm of the brewers and how smooth things went. At the end of the ceremony we did something that Ariel does often and teaches, called "tone circles", we all chanted in a very resonating level it was a perfect finish. Everyone including myself can't wait to do this again.
NOTE:--(revised Sep 2007, Jan 5, 2009"removed International from Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony") It's just a word, it is my fault, the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is reserved for the international event held every two years. At the bottom of the page I have listed them. First I would like to say that all Wu-Wo Tea Ceremonies follow the same basic rules as below.

All are welcome to come. Usually we will make tea four times and serve the three neighbors on the left, and spectators. And receive from three neighbors on the right, and also drink our own tea.
The special way of Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony and its Seven Principles
1. Seating arrangement is chosen randomly. --- No priority to seats, no matter of social status.
2. Serving tea in the same direction. --- No reward is expected.
3. Accept and appreciate different teas. --- No bias.
4. Brew the best you can. --- Concentrate and improve.
5. No director. --- Everyone follows the public announcement.
6. Remain silent during brewing. --- To cooperate and appear in group rhythm and harmony.
7. Not confined to any tea brewing manner. --- No distinction of school or region.

International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Chronicle
First conducted in Taipei, Taiwan on Dec. 18, 1990
2. Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, Oct. 17, 1991
3. Kyoto, Japan, Nov. 09, 1992
4. Seoul and Iksan, Korea, Oct. 13, 1993
5. Wuyi Mountain, Fujian, Oct. 27, 1995
6. Taipei, Taiwan, Nov. 22, 1997
7. Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Oct. 16, 1999
8. Shizuoka, Japan, Oct. 07, 2001
9. Singapore, Aug. 23, 2003
10. Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Nov. 03, 2005
11. Seoul and Iksan, Korea, Oct. 12, 2007
12. America, West Coast, Sep. 25, 26, 27, 2009 (scheduled)
13.??? Not determined. They are determined by the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association, that is made up of many leaders from many cities from many Countries. All are welcome to attend.