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BlissSville as an Oasis for your Body, Mind & Spirit

On Feb 25, 2007, at 11:00am the first " Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony", in the San Diego area, Fallbrook.

121 & 125 E. Hawthorne, at "BlissSville's" and"Fallbrook Holistic Health Center".
Also my first in America! (This event is a non-profit and free no charge).
Below are some of the people that will attend.

Found another tea shop, this time it’s a husband and wife team in Fallbrook CA, Frederick and Ariel real devoted people, and the tea shop had a very good feeling, (good Qi/Chi/氣), they were celebrating the Chinese New Year, and enjoying some great teas. I was surprise by the different people coming in and out to say hi and have tea and snacks, I heard one man talking about making laser for identifying crystals, and a lady that was a “Feng Shui consultant” (pronounced "fung shway", in English). Also some Yoga practitioners.

The tea in the picture is a lotus flower and BlissSville’s , Phoenix Eyes- a high quality pearl green tea with lots of beautiful white tips.