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茶之专业英语Specialized English for Tea

class since 2008
选修课: 28, 课程名称:专业英语*, 学时数学分:2, 学年:第二学年,

Everything you ever wanted to know about tea and more.
Tenfu Tea College(天福茶學院)located in Fujian Zhangzhou, the first College devoted to the study of tea. http://www.tftc.edu.cn/ Internatianal students are welcome, (but keep in mind classes are taught in Chinese).
I am currently teaching a "Specialized English for Tea", English language tea terminology and Chinese language terminology , as well as translating methods and reasoning. The course is gear for the Chinese speaking student experienced or educated in Tea Studies as well as a grasp of Chinese and English language.

On June 7th, 2007 at 6:15 pm, http://wanderlustandlipstick.com/all-the-tea-in-china/ I wrote on behalf of Ten Ren Teaism Foundation. I have tried my best to translate into English about the event we will be attending. And we welcome you and others to come and see the TENFU TEA COLLEGE. The Tenfu Tea College, founded by the Tenfu Group is the world’s first professional college based on the “Chinese Tea Industry, Science, and Technology”. This will have a far reaching impact on cultural development. The college offers specialization in basic theory tea,and also an emphasis on improving of tea cultivation, processing, and production technologies. Also modern tea management techniques,improving of mechanization processes, tea and related product development, and marketing, will be part of the curriculum.Graduating students will have a solid theoretical foundation and practical expertise and to be able to apply them for many flexible applications. The school will open this autumn 2007, with an enrollment of around 300 full-time students, while the present goal is reaching an enrollment of around 3000 full-time students(future maybe more). The College has five professional fields of study: * Tea Production and Processing Technology, * Marketing and Market Development, * Food Processing and Technology, * Tea Culture, * Tourism Management. TENFU TEA COLLEGE China, Fujian, Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou CityZip code : 363202E-MAIL:tfttc@mail.tenfu.com (Chinese/English)TEL:0596-3822198 FAX:0596-3821142

TFTC (09) Tea Culture Dept. pictures
09茶文化系 this years pictures.!!!2010