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wrote(1/11/09) the bottom is revised
I am going to read the excerpts from the website http://teashopgirls.webnode.com/. I think it is the kind of book, I would like to sink down in the couch and put my feet up and read this one...oh, with a cup of tea of course. Just thinking of this book brings back memories of my grandpa adding a splash of orange juice to his mug of hot black tea.
Teashop Girls
by Laura Schaefer.
Publication Date: February 1, 2009
If you dig around the "teashopgirls website", there is some great information about having tea parties, I was just talking about tea to a man that said oh Americans don't want to do those long Japanese Tea Ceremonies, my answer was tea can be enjoyed in many ways, I myself have many tea parties. my saying is "tea is our bridge".

===I got the book, updatedfeb2009===

I am a father and I teach tea studies and that is the correct usage of teashop=tea and food, and tea shop=sells tea (sometimes with tea ceremony or tea tastings)no sitting around eating, chatting that is a teashop, both teashop and tea shop sells leaves. I am very attracted to this book because of the tea implications and they really did their homework great book and great American tea book.