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Lecture and demonstration by Steven R. Jones for the San Diego North County Chinese School
[聖地牙哥北郡中文學校(NCCS) ]
Feb 15, 2009, 1:30~4:30 topic:
茶藝 · 茶文化與烏龍茶泡法和趣味品茶
Tea Arts and Culture, Oolong Tea Brewing and Fun Tea Tasting
Tea Master Chang Li-Hsiang will brew two varieties of tea listed below:
Alpine Oolong Tea---高山烏龍茶
White Tip Oolong Tea---白毫烏龍茶

Tea Culture Monthly (茶藝月刊) #272

One of the most important key events was the spread of tea drinking during the Tang Dynasty instead of alcohol. And by the 17th Century the same thing happened in England and the Western World. The Arts and Sciences cannot flourish when everyone is drunk! Thank you Grand Tea Master Lu Yu, the father of Tea Arts.

The 3Ts for brewing good tea.

How much tea to use?
How long to brew?
How hot should the water be?

Steven R. Jones
Chang, Li-Hsiang ( 張麗香)
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