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Pacific Ridge School, Carlsbad-tea lecture&demo


Mar 23, 2009, 12:00-3:00pm:
Topic: 茶具名稱術語等之應用與茶文化-唐,宋,明,清-朝代 ...和現在
Chinese Tea Ware and Tea Culture, Tang, Song, Ming, Ching Dynasties, and now!

Lecture and demonstration(both in English and Chinese) Presented by Certified Tea Arts Master Instructor Steven R. Jones and Certified Tea Arts Master Chang, Li-Hsiang ( 張麗香),
for the Chinese classes at Pacific Ridge School, organizer Shirley Chu .

A special school, with special global engagements, one of their programs is Chinese. As students grow from local citizens to world travelers to world citizens, they will grow comfortable with differences in other cultures in the world. Students, faculty and staff will study Mandarin Chinese as a school twice a week. Students will have the opportunity to travel to the Yangtze River Valley in China.

Since the first days of tea, China has always been working on growing, producing, and making to drink a better tea.
三大茶法–The Three Tea Methods
煮 - 點 - 泡
唐代 – Tang Dynasty
煮茶法 – Boiling Tea Method
宋代 – Song Dynasty
點茶法 – Whisking Tea Method
明代 – Ming Dynasty
泡茶法 – Brewing Tea Method
===after Ming the improved the same method==========

清代 – Qing Dynasty (Ching)
功夫茶 – Gongfu Tea, making tea with skill, to bring out the best of the tea’s character and essence.
近代 – Modern Times
To brew the best we can, with the motive simplicity.

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