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Green and Black Tea: caffeine and flavonoid

According to the American Medical Association it sets the limits at 300 milligrams per day, one cup is 8 ounces (that’s 7 cups of tea 56oz or 3 cups of coffee 24oz ), and, this amount is lower for pregnant women and children. These are the maximums, so feel free to drink less but not more. (Amounts are approximate and generic coffee, tea, and caffeine content may vary.)

Health-wise any variety of tea has its specific health benefits.
Flavonoid content of black and green teas: Black and green teas both contain similar amount of flavonoids, however they differ in their chemical structure. Green teas contain more of the simple flavonoids called catechins, while the oxidation that the leaves undergo to make black tea converts these simple flavonoids to the more complex varieties called theaflavins and thearubigins.

*Green Tea and Black Tea more similar than different.
*Oxidation is the deciding factor that makes a tea Green or Black.
*Good quality Green Tea and average Black Teas contain similar amounts of

*The health benefits of both teas are similar too.

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