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San Diego Sun Yet Sen Chinese School

San Diego Sun Yet Sen Chinese School
4388 Thorn St.
San Diego, CA 92105
Principal, Winnie Davis
April 5, 2009 from 10am to 12pm.
Students and guest teachers, around 30~35people

Tea Lore, Iron Goddess Tea Brewing and Fun Tea Tasting

presented by:
Tea Master Instructor Steven R. Jones
Tea Master Chang Li-Hsiang ( 張麗香 )
Special thanks to Winnie Davis, for giving us this opportunity and it is an honor to share with the school and for us to be a small part promoting the Arts of Tea.

Tea Culture and Tea Appreciation (about 2hrs, 50min + 70min = 120mins)
approximate schedule:::
(40min) PowerPoint Lecture - Bushes, teas varieties, tea production, history, and culture.
(5min) Q&A
(5min) ---students take a break---
Brewing preparation (tea ware and water)
(25min) Small Pot Brewing demonstration-

焙火鐵觀音烏龍茶 --- Roast Iron Goddess Oolong Tea
Show and explain tea ware and brewing steps
(15min) Savoring Tea- serving & drinking, one paper cup and hot tea served to everyone.
Discuss the tea: color, aroma, and taste
(10min) Review brewing steps; ask students what the brewing steps are?
(10min) Group Activity: Q&A, talk about the tea, tea ceremony-
(10min) Clean up and finish
Steven R. Jones 4/2/09