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Second Maple Fall Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 第二届 枫林之夜无我茶会

Prepared by the 2009 Specialized English for Tea class, Department of Tea Culture, Tenfu Tea College.

Nov. 22, 2009 the "Second Maple Fall Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 第二届 枫林之夜无我茶会"

The Chinese and English narrators of the second“ Maple Fall Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony”
The English Narrators
中文名 英文名
The Chinese Name The English Name
孙云杰 (sun yun jie) Dracula
杨咏安 (yang yong an) Andy
The Chinese Narrators
中文名 英文名
The Chinese Name The English Name
黄燕艺 (huang yan yi) Penny
江燕萍 (jiang yan ping) Leaves

The Chinese and English traditional head-writer of the second“Maple Fall Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony”
The English Traditional Head-writer
中文名 英文名
The Chinese Name The English Name
孙云杰 (sun yun jie) Dracula
The Chinese Traditional Head-writer
黎敏仪 (li min yi) Mabel
Teacher: Steven R. Jones/Chang Li-hsiang

The Second "Maple Fall" Wu-wo Tea Ceremony
1. Arrange seat number marker

A. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, this conference will hold a Wu-Wo tea ceremony of "the second Maple Fall”at 7:30. Welcome to our vistors. Brewers will serve you tea.

B. Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a style of tea ceremony ,developed and perfected in Taiwan. Gather to form a circle to brew tea, then everyone will serve tea. So Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a style for everybody brewing、serving, and drinking tea.

C. Now, the conference will arranging seat number markers. Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony will“Gather to form a circle to brew tea”, while participants with their number slip find seats. This is the first spirit“no matter to social status”about Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony. This ceremony estimates about 200 people will take part in. So the seat number marker has two circles.

D. Ladies and gentlemen, we hope everyone is happy together, so the ceremony will brew three rounds, every brew will be severed to you, please don’t leave.

2. Check-In

A.Ladies and gentlemen, the brewers arrival in succession. Wu-wo Tea Ceremony through random process to decide seating. Nobody knows who will be seated adjacent to. This is the spirit“no matter to social status ”and feel at ease under all circumstances.

B. Today, most brewers are second year students from the Tenfu Tea College, of Department of Tea Culture. And have some teacher and first year students, of Department of Tea Culture.

C.The brewers who drawing ended are putting them tea ware.

D.Ladies and gentlemen, please look out the brewers’ tea ware, the method of tea ware's carrying and package. Wu-wo tea ceremony uses simple tea ware, and we carry our own brewing water. Moreover ,please look at all the many kinds of tea ware. This means Wu-wo tea ceremony is not confined to any specific tea ware and brewing manner. This is the second spirit“no distinction of school or region” about Wu-wo tea ceremony.

E.After the tea ware is prepared, brewers can observe others tea ware, and talk about getting together. This“tea ware appreciation and friendship time”about Wu-wo tea ceremony, also can make use of this paragraph of time to take photo as a memento, after begin to brew tea, will not allow having taken photo, need to take photo, only please the people who not participating in brew tea outer the circle. When appreciating the tea ware, if host isn’t present and agree, stipulate that being to be able to not touch.

3. Brewing tea

A.“Tea ware appreciation and friendship time ”at this specified time. The brewers will go back to their seats and brew tea. The progress is written in the “public announcement”. Wu-wo tea ceremony has no director or master of ceremonies, just follow the agreed schedule and practices. This is the third spirit” follow the public rules” about Wu-wo tea ceremony. Everybody to do ceremony and no command. It can express group rhythm and harmony.

B.Begin brewing, the people must be live in the circle . Because people must break the place’s beautiful feeling. The photography must at the outer circle, too. If someone has to needs to take a picture in the circle, please as soon as possible llift.

C.Don’t talk when you're brewing tea. Brewer must be concentrate brewing tea. At time to tea serving ,tea server don’t say“please have some tea”and people that have been served don’t say “thank you”, if two brewers meet, only to bow or smile. Such quiet , can feel the ceremony’s beautiful feeling easily, and feel people and people, people and things, people and land’s interactive relationship.
This is Wu-wo tea ceremony’s another spirit is “cultivate tacit understanding”.

D.Ladies and gentlemen, now, brewers are beginning tea serving. we pour into five cups and go serve to the adjacent three neighbors on the left and you. The last cup ,we reserve and enjoy our self. This is a rule “serving tea in the same direction” about Wu-wo tea ceremony. Everyone serve tea to left, but have the tea from right, means “without intentions”. We hope everyone remember“no reward is expected”. This is one of spirits about Wu-wo tea ceremony.

E.Everyone maybe has different teas, because different people can bring tea. Wu-wo tea ceremony hopes everyone can accept and appreciate different teas, no bias. If bias is heavy, maybe exclude lucks, because you don’t like something isn’t necessarily a bad thing. “no bias”is one of the spirits about Wu-wo tea ceremony.

F.Maybe these five cups of tea are not very good, maybe one cup are bitter and astringent. By now the brewers should reflect themselves, whether brew broken the tea. “brew good tea”is the basic request on tea cultivation. If not, you must say sorry for tea. So “concentrate and improve”will become the spirit about Wu-wo tea ceremony.
G.Ladies and gentlemen, you can have many kinds of tea, please don’t throw the cup, because the second and the third tea will be serve for you.
H.the second tea, brewers take the tea pitcher and serve to the adjacent three neighbors on the left and spectators, too.

I.the serving tea is not only left side, but also right side. When public announcement makes rules, we have to follow it, if not, just start on the left side.
J. The " maple fall Wu-wo tea ceremony" was organized by teacher Steven in 2008, The Multilanguage Tea Gathering was conducted to promote international tea culture and to utilize the skills obtained by the Specialized English course. Next year we will be held the third ceremony, welcome to take part in.

K. Now, this is the third and last tea. Ladies and gentlemen, may be different people serve different tea to you. Tea ceremony has a lovely spirit:: brew tea give to others drink , even if unknown people. The spirit in Wu-wo tea ceremony is more clear .

L. Ladies and gentlemen, please have your tea slowly, wait a minute, the servers can collect your cup when pack the tea ware. We don’t cause your any trouble, also don’t cause any pollution environment.

4. Post tea drinking activity
After to drank the tea, we have three friends to singing “right here waiting”,and everyone no need for clapping.

Singing over

A. before to pack the tea ware ,and then scrub used teacup ,but just a preliminary settle, this is a tea ceremony spirit that considerate with others .

B. the packed tea ware ,and to take back the teafriend `s and visitor`s teacups.this moment still keep quiet.

C. after to packed the teacup, and put in order the tea ware, the drinking activity is over.

D. Ladies and gentlemen,there is a famous tea saying:"once in a life time",thanks everyone presented have a finger in, if you have any valuable advice, welcome to provide to us,and we hope you to brewing tea with us next time .Thank you
Every body thank you very much

第二届“枫林之夜”( Maple Fall)无我茶会
a.各位来宾,本会场将于19时30分举办一场第二届“枫林之夜”无我茶会(Wu-wo tea ceremony),欢迎各位来宾参加。会中每位泡茶者都将奉茶给各位来宾。
喝完茶,无我茶会往往会安排一小段音乐欣赏,让大家回忆一下茶会。这是连接在品茗后的一段空白之美。所以音乐在大家喝完最后一道茶后自然响起,没有介绍,也无需鼓掌,音乐结束时也一样。大家在音乐的余音消失后开始收拾茶具,结束茶会。本次品茗后活动是三位茶友领唱“Right here waiting”