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Gulf Oil Spill, No need(too late) for apologies

No need(too late) for apologies -April 20

They did it
“It ain’t my fault”, many articles have been so eloquently written on, finger pointing and shift blaming from “us” to “them”, in order to make us sleep well at night. And aren’t we the greatest Monday morning quarterbacks. The “who did it” problem was created by a demand for oil. Yet just like drugs if you didn’t have a buyer you wouldn’t have a seller.

The hard facts
“Hello, my name is Man and I am an oilaholic.”, to change, one must first come to terms with reality.  Man is Earth’s worst enemy. We all are in some way responsible for the oil spill. Humans are intelligent social animals that are destructive to nature’s balance and overpopulate.  Humans have out-witted their natural enemies, Nature attempts to keep man in check through various microbe and viral diseases.

Boy are we special
There’s much written on the greatness of human endeavor. Yet most of the merits have been to better the human race or fix problems we have caused. As far as the other side of the coin, so far humans continue to overpopulate Earth, and armed with intelligence as well as survival and reproduction instincts, man is also his own enemy capable of self-destruction. Humans are driven by instinct which manifests in some degree as: extravagance, lust, gluttony, greed, acedia, despair, sloth, wrath, envy, pride, vainglory. Different from other creatures, humans experience great highs and lows making for a variety of unpredictable actions.

To use lots of oil or not use lots of oil
Due to the improvements in oil use efficiency, the air in many cities is cleaner, and that’s a good thing. If we focus on our individual imprint and use less oil and oil related products like plastic, we will make a difference regardless of how small it is. Obviously if consumers use less oil companies will extract less oil. A small yet immediate impact would be if we used bicycles for some transportation, we would be healthier and use less oil. An extra bonus, we will have cuter and smaller bodies and use less fabric for clothing.

Dear Gods, God, Buddha, Allah, Jesus, BP, Tao, the Dutch boy with his finger in the leak, Lucky Charm, or anyone of YOU, we all hope that there is a way to fix this leak in the ocean. Let’s all be humbled and feel some guilt, and WE (human race) have a responsibility before a claim to blame.

~Just a guy, Jul 2010
The Taiwanese vessel dubbed "鯨魚號A Whale," which is describe as the largest oil skimmer in the world, will assist with cleanup of the oil spill.
英國石油公司 BP, British Petroleum
清除墨西哥灣Gulf of Mexico
台灣海陸運輸公司Taiwan Marine Transport, TMT

What can we do?     
It might seem that the only way to go more than a few hundred feet is by automobile, we can walk, jog, or bike.
We should also state any of the above are dangerous and great caution must be used it is a mater of life and death.
What can we do about expensive polluting emissions? First think out of the box, there are many people in the world without cars, you don't have to stay where you live or you can change jobs cutting the distance can save all kinds of money and time(yet changing jobs  might not be possible due to the economy).  Use less transportation gas/oil, less wear and tear on the car, and use more body calories, we all have lots of calories and maybe we might lose a few of those unwanted pounds at the same time, how? If your area is safe with sidewalks or paths and again I say if safe(also crime-wise) and if the air is not smoggy polluted. Step one re-learn walking, kids do it all the time.  You don't have to be a long distance runner, just walk or jog.  You don't have to be an indoor calorie burner, if you find that boring, but for the incarcerated they don't have a choice.  Something happened back in the 1950s in new communities, the one problem was wide spreadout suburb living do to lowering cars prices and oil and increase in wages, also an American culture of driving a car, which meant everything was segregated into live here, shop there, and drive through traffic to work. Save a gallon take a a new hobby ride a bike if you live in an area where bike lanes are provided, wear a helmet, bring a lock, and you don't have to buy an expensive bike. Important, if you have any hills in your area, BUY A BIKE WITH at least 18 GEARS, and if you have bumpy roads buy a bike with shocks and proper tires and use those legs   Go to the local store if you have one not too far and park up front, i mean up front no more circling for a parking spot, and have you noticed that car parking spots have shrunk, anyway when shopping  don't buy any watermelons or cases of drinks remember you got to lug it back or eat it first, ride around the neighborhood and discover you have neighbors, you will be noticed too, but no one is going to laugh, they might actually start thinking about their pants are getting tight and just maybe other people will join in.  This would give the neighborhood watch program a whole new perspective.  You might even stealthy sneak up on bad doers, well at least, you might finally find out, which neighbor has been letting their dog fertilize on your lawn and i don't mean pee.  Did you know that there are part of the world where the majority of the community does not have a car, they have public transportation, and a car is actually a pain, just ask a New Yorker.  And you don't need to buy a le tour de france bike either, they are great race bikes and the price tag will never allow you to leave it unattended so no trips to the store, or restrooms,  and they are for after you been riding you get involved riding real real seriously if ever.  I recommend buy a bike for a few hundred dollars from a local bike shop, this way you will get service, like simple free adjustments and they will want to keep you business because you live near by, and they need to keep their reputation.  You might even get a flat and be lucky enough to walk the bike right to the store and get it fixed.  Also some stores can direct you to clubs and bike activities too.