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Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Demonstration 無我茶會示範( 聖地亞哥 ) 2010

For the 2011 Tea Apprecitions events in San Diego here:
Tea Appreciation Day (2011)

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Below is the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony class 2010:
Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Demonstration 無我茶會示範( 聖地亞哥 )8/2010

Dianna Harbin has been busy promoting tea culture and preparing for Tea Appreciation Day next year 2011.
Dianna Harbin ✆ to SanDiegoTea-an. Announcing a new Meetup for San Diego Tea!
What: Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
When: Saturday, August 7, 2010 1:00 PM
Where: Cristiano Spa & Wellness/Numero Water Boutique
1660 India Street
San Diego , CA 92101
(619) 236-0300

Water is over 99% of liquid tea content.  In order to enjoy quality tea, we must start with pure water.  Come brew tea, serve tea, drink tea the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony way! Everyone participates in this great way to make tea on the go, indoors or outdoors, for just a few or for hundreds of participants! Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a modern, easy version of Gongfu Tea and we will make tea at least four times.
Demonstration by Steven R. Jones and Lee Shang Jones, with tea brewers Dianna Harbin, Dharlene Fahl, and Namie Heins.

- Intro
- Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony history
- Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony intro
- Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony demo
- Complete Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony including tea tasting and appreciation
- Q&A, and feedback
- Workshop, hands on brewing, practice tea ceremony
- Finish
(updated Aug 7, 2010)
participants: 10
Today's ceremony and workshop teas were:  Ali Alpine(high mountain) Oolong, Green Spiral Tea, Aged Brick Dark Puer, and Pouchong Tea.  We are looking foreward to next year May 2011 Tea Appreciation Day in San Diego and June will have the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony in Taipei.  Thanks to "Cristiano Spa & Wellness/Numero Water Boutique" we were extented and extra hour, this gave eveyone a chance to brew tea.