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planning Tea Appreciation Day (2011)

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Tea Appreciation Day
posted by Dianna Harbin |
I have come up with a concept. It isn’t unique or even entirely original, but it is certainly bold. And why not be bold? Don’t a lot of great things happen that way? I’ve decided to promote an annual worldwide event to honor Camellia sinensis and all those who work so hard to bring this versatile, labor-intensive wonder to our tables and to our awareness. The first event will be May 8, 2011. This post is about the process of “creating” this special day.

For a little over a year, I have been organizing face-to-face tea group activities in San Diego. I recently started tea activities in San Francisco. I plan to start in the greater Los Angeles area this summer. The groups all have the same basic mission - to create community through tea, to help people learn about tea, and to support tea businesses, especially the local ones. An unspoken mission is to promote tea education by anyone so inclined.

Like most Meetup organizers, I belong to some Meetup groups myself. One of them is composed of almost 600 group organizers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first activity I attended was a presentation in Silicon Valley by Scott Heiferman, a CEO and co-founder of Meetup, and his associate Andres Glusman, a Strategy VP. They had come to Silicon Valley from New York and found the time to meet with the group to introduce a brand new feature called “Meetup Everywhere”.

“Meetup Everywhere” allows organizers to schedule face-to-face events all over the world on the same day, allowing me to use this feature to easily expand my mission with tea worldwide. I still needed to give the day a title and choose the date. I did some online searches to learn what special days have already been set aside for tea.

“International Tea Day” has been celebrated on December 15 since 2005. This day is mainly celebrated in the tea-producing areas of Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, where tea laborers often live at or under the poverty level. The objectives of “International Tea Day” strongly emphasize unionization and governmental regulation of the tea trades. There is a focus on improving the quality of life of tea workers and improving the position of small tea growers relative to the large corporate growers. Another emphasis is to bring Fair Trade-certified and ethically produced tea to consumers in our increasingly global economy.

Another day that celebrates tea is “World Tea Appreciation Day”, also referred to simply as “Tea Appreciation Day”. In 2005, Steven R. Jones traced the origins of this day on the Tea Arts blog to a Taiwan Wu-Wo Tea Mother’s Day “Family Tea Celebration” held in early May that dates back to 1991. He wrote that by 2005, the day had taken on a broader meaning to include any kind of tea party, even one that included people who did not know each other. Since it is not widely known, I will explain here that in Wu-Wo Tea, the goal is to reach a meditative state that lacks mental, physical, and emotional attachment. It is an egalitarian ceremony where participants rotate around to serve several others in the group rather than a single tea master serving everyone from a central position of control. I got a rare opportunity to participate in a Wu-Wo Tea ceremony at the 2009 Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle.

I have combined elements of both of these celebrations into one, with a strong emphasis on the spirit of the latter, and folded my broadly defined personal mission with tea into the mix to keep my message consistent. I will celebrate my revised version of “Tea Appreciation Day” each year on the second Sunday in May and I am inviting others to join me in this worldwide celebration on May 8, 2011 in any constructive manner that is consistent with at least one aspect of the stated mission of the day, which is to help people:

• Create community through the shared enjoyment of tea (Camellia sinensis).
• Learn about tea.
• Teach about tea.
• Support the tea trades.

How the “Meetup Everywhere” facility will work is that anyone who wants to join in the celebration can sign up on the Tea Appreciation Day meetup site as a participant. They can then choose to be a local organizer or leave that position vacant for someone else to fill. Now their location (city) is “on the map” literally and others may join at that location also. When the local events are announced, everyone will be notified.

I will lend my support by designing local events. I consider any activity that brings two or more people together in face-to-face community over tea to be a success, but there is no limit to the size of your event as long as there is face-to-face interaction, not just web-based communication.

You can also participate by joining the pages on Facebook or Twitter, but this will not document your support on the world map on Meetup Everywhere, which can be important for gaining sponsors.

Those who make a profit from “Tea Appreciaton Day” activities and sales are encouraged to donate a portion of the proceeds to a cause that benefits the tea trades or tea education. I would appreciate being told how much is donated so I can track the results.

In addition, I am open to collaborating with others on the celebration and will consider altering the mission or design of the activities if convincing arguments are made.

I hope to celebrate 2011 Tea Appreciation Day with you!

Official Tea Appreciation Day pages can be found on the following social networking sites: Meetup Everywhere, Facebook, and Twitter.

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(old link)http://www.tching.com/2010/07/3096/

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Tea Appreciation Day: A celebration of tea and humanity
posted by Dharlene Fahl | Thursday, April 28, 2011
Many of us appreciate tea daily – some of us several times a day – but on Sunday, May 8, we have the opportunity to celebrate tea in a whole new way - an entire day dedicated to hallowing tea! Dianna Harbin, the founder and organizer of what is graciously called Tea Appreciation Day, has solicited the help of several people, including me, to assist in Southern California to gather folks together to socialize, meditate, listen to peaceful music, shake hands, hug, laugh, and appreciate tea.

Our San Diego Tea Meetup Group has been experiencing growing success meeting in downtown San Diego at the Red Lotus Society in their Ideal Tea Room to sip tea. It has become the perfect place to gather and will, of course, be the perfect spot to host Tea Appreciation Day. We anticipate close to 100 people will sign up and show up to sip up.

As usual, with tea, nothing is really ever really "new." International tea appreciation days have been going on all over the world on various dates for years. Ms. Harbin organized our local Tea Meetup Group for folks to learn about tea, teach about tea, and support California-based tea companies and tea shops. We are reaching out beyond California with this event. The 2011 Tea Appreciation Day will be an Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fundraiser for Japan. Portions from the door fees, retail tea sales, and book sales will be sent to the Red Cross in Japan in a unified effort to provide funds for their relief needs.

Appropriately, Eugene Sukhorukov will, once again, play the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. His transformative music has accompanied us at other tea gatherings at the Red Lotus Society
As we are appreciating tea on this day, it is also our goal to appreciate each other. This gathering will include an informal tea service, with less focus on teaching or demonstrating than in the past. In the spirit of the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony shared with us by Steven R. Jones of Tea Arts, each participant will serve several others in the group at their table rather than a single tea master serving everyone from a central position.

We are grateful to our tea suppliers and friends who have contributed their tea and tea products for free to help out with the relief effort. Many have asked to remain anonymous with their contributions, although we will be enjoying some First Flush Darjeeling being sent from two tea companies in India just for this event.

How does one truly appreciate tea? By enjoying it in the company of others.


This is my prayer for peace and friendship,
for a world in divine harmony and kinship;
a world that knows no war.
To a place we have all been before.
To do this, I bring myself to a peaceful place.
I go within and know that God is all there is
and I am one with this divine tranquility.
I pray that everyone joins me in this
sacred space of amity where it is as
simple as gathering to sip tea and simply be.
Deep within is the true place where peace begins;
this powerful, productive and potent place inside us all.
From here we see only our similarities and parity
and know only our good.
We accept good, embody good,
live for good, and do only good.
As I know peace, I know it begins with me.
I give thanks and abide by the Golden Rule,
the code of amity and know no enemy.
I put aside and I go inside. I release and I relent.
I forgive and I repent. I let go and I let God.
I give in and I get God. And so it is, and so I am
and so we have peace.

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2011 Tea Appreciation Day for San Diego Tea Meetup
Sunday, May 8, 2011, 11:00 AM
Selected By: Dianna Harbin
Ideal Hotel, A Project of Red Lotus Society
540 3rd Ave San Diego, CA

Dianna Harbin (Organizer) added this Meetup on Jun 22, 2010
“We want to serve and be served fantastic teas in celebration of the worldwide tea community that we belong to.”

Who's hosting? Dharlene Marie Fahl, Dianna Harbin
Price: $20.00 per person(refund policy)
How to find us: Just walk in the door! Bring Mom! Bring friends!
When: Sunday, May 8, 2011 at 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Where: The Ideal Hotel, A Project of Red Lotus Society, 540 3rd Ave., San Diego, CA
Cost: Suggested minimum donation of $20. Any amount accepted. Nobody turned away for lack of funds.

Serve and be served a broad selection of top quality tea from Japan, India and China at this fun annual celebration of tea. San Diego Tea Meetup member Eugene Sukhorukov will play his soulful Japanese Shakuhachi flute music and help serve tea along with other volunteers. 

The event day will be overseen by Dharlene Marie Fahl, one of the first members to join San Diego Tea Meetup. She will give a presentation on her trip to Darjeeling. Like Dianna, Dharlene is a Certified Tea Specialist (Specialty Tea Institute) and a Tching.com blog contributor. Dharlene is also a published author and will present some of her latest work as part of the activities. Dharlene will be bringing fresh Darjeeling tea from the company she visited recently in India.
The Meetup group will give 100% of funds collected above direct costs to Japan Red Cross to show our support for the Japan tea businesses that were affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Tea for this Meetup event has been donated by Rishi Tea and other tea companies in support of this effort.

Tea Appreciation Day is a new twist on an older celebration. Dianna's blog on how this came about was published on TChing.com on July 2, 2010.
If you wish, register your support of Tea Appreciation Day at www.meetup.com/Tea-Appreciation-Day.

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Group’s tea appreciation day is one serene scene
Small crowd celebrates the beverage steeped in tradition

Originally published May 8, 2011 at 8:40 p.m., updated May 8, 2011 at 8:41 p.m.

Howard Lipin
Sara Harp of the Gaslamp District enjoys tea during the observance of Tea Appreciation Day.
At a time when the biggest tea-related headline is tied to controversy, a small group met Sunday at the serene Ideal Hotel downtown for international Tea Appreciation Day.

Yes, the book “Three Cups of Tea” was mentioned — briefly. Its author, Greg Mortenson, is in hot water about whether some stories in that best-seller about building schools in remote areas are true. And a class-action lawsuit was filed last week against Mortenson and his nonprofit, the Central Asia Institute, containing allegations of fraud and racketeering.

Yet Dharlene Marie Fahl, a certified tea specialist, author and self-described “spiritual seeker,” was more interested in the adage behind the book’s title.

“Three cups of tea, basically it’s an old saying,” Fahl explained, while organic white peony from the Darjeeling region of India steeped. “The first time we drink a cup of tea together, we’re strangers. By the second cup, we’re friends. By the third cup, we’re family.”

Local tea shops
Where to learn about tea customs, pick up teaware and sip tea

Ideal Hotel
542 Third Ave., downtown. (619) 808-9847;
Open weekdays (5 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Has Mad Monk organic teas available for $1.50 to $3. Also hosts a number of the San Diego Tea Meetup events.

Mad Monk Tea
4966 Santa Monica Ave. Ste. C, Ocean Beach. (360) 472-1262; find them on Facebook
Open Tuesdays through Saturdays. Has a tasting bar. Carries teaware and fair trade and pu-erh premium teas.

Halcyon Tea
3009 Beech St., South Park. (619) 450-4224;
Open Tuesdays through Saturdays. Promotes the “tea lifestyle” (check out their blog) and provides consultations. Carries teaware, sells home tea-service packages, hosts tastings, carries fair trade and pu-erh premium teas.

Infusions of Tea
8750 Genesee Ave. Ste. No. 258, La Jolla. (858) 450-6500;
Open daily. Carries organic teas, teaware and gifts. Offers pastries and sandwiches (weekdays). Offers tastings on weekends.

Tea Appreciation Day has taken place internationally since 2005. The local tea tribute was coordinated by Fahl and members of the San Diego Tea Meetup. It’s a way to celebrate peaceful, communal tea traditions happening globally, she said.

“When I go to seventh-grade classes and ask, ‘What do you think the No. 1 beverage in the world is?’ they answer, ‘Coke.’… No,” said Fahl, a Mount Helix resident with magenta hair. “This is the No. 1 beverage in the world, second to water. Tea brings countries and cultures together. To me, it’s a bridge.”

Surrounded by exposed brick and incensed air, tea was enjoyed throughout the day. Talk touched upon Russian tea services, where a spoonful of jam might come with your tea cup, and how small talk has no place in intricate Japanese tea ceremonies.

But as all-encompassing as the Tea Appreciation conversations were, the audience was limited. Seventy members of the local Tea Meetup group said they would be there for the gathering; around five showed. There were more Buddhas in the Ideal Hotel’s tea room than attendees. Perhaps it was an unusually cold, drizzly day for aficionados to drop in.

“It’s perfect tea weather,” said Cordes Bakhsh, 26, who poured samples of Dragon Well and Yunnan Black teas from the shop he oversees, Mad Monk Tea Co. in Ocean Beach. “You’d think more people would be here.”
Still, the tea event fit with other multicultural happenings at the Ideal Hotel. The historic, two-story building is overseen by the Red Lotus Society, a nonprofit that provides yoga classes and an urban retreat in the heart of the Gaslamp. The group’s signature event is the May 22 Sit-a-Thon, featuring meditations led by American Indian, Taoist and Sufi practitioners among others.
“Tea, it cultivates mindfulness,” said Dave Macek, the Red Lotus Society’s executive director. “Just to have tea in our center and to see the atmosphere it creates … coffee really (makes) a different environment.”
About the poor turnout? During the Tea Appreciation, it was discovered that email reminders went out with the wrong time for the event — 1 p.m. was listed, instead of 11 a.m.
“We’ll all just have a cup of tea and chill and let it go,” Fahl said about the mistake.
keli.dailey@uniontrib.com (619) 293-1541; Twitter @kelidailey

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