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台北市士林社區大學茶藝社八月份活動通知 (tea trip -august)



* 活動內容 : 採茶、製茶、體驗,茶點DIY,參觀北回歸線與千年石柱,
    評賞在地特色茶,沱茶製造,評茶,無我茶會 等活動。
* 活動時間 : 99年8月21~22
* 活動地點 : 花蓮縣瑞穗鄉
* 活動行程 :
* 以茶會友 天長地久
*  社長 陳德福 敬邀

The tea we made was fancy black tea, in Chinese the translation is " 蜜香 literally honey scent or fragrance" black tea.
There are a few teas with a honey fragrance character that are naturally sweet and do not have any honey added, while fancy teas have their own unique primary processing there is something special that happens naturally before the processing, the tender tea leaves while still growing are visited by the tea leafhoppers and they suck a small amount of the tea leaf juices which causes the leaf to oxidize some and turn sweet, this happens to traditional white tip oolong(oriental beauty), and the newer  fancy black tea, fancy green tea, and fancy oolong tea.