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Green, Oolong, and Black Tea (processng and chart)

In the below table we have listed the types of fermentation and the major processes involved to make various teas. The non-fermented teas consist of green tea.  The partial fermentation is oolong tea.  Full fermentation is how black tea is made. This classifying and listing by sequence shows the terms for processing of tea.  Below we have expanded the processes.  For the process of “harvesting” we use the raw tea product identified as “fresh leaves”. Primary Tea Processing (no roasting, scenting, or spicing)  -Remember only green, oolong, and black tea are shown.

Primary Tea Processing:  green tea, oolong tea, and black tea.

===Classification of teas===
post–fermentation 後發酵 (Puer and dark tea)
enzymatic oxidation 酶促氧化
fermentation 發酵
oxidation  氧化
Classification:  分類:
The four classifications of tea according to fermentation : 再把這四大分類細分:
non-fermented tea : green tea , yellow tea 不發酵茶:即綠茶
post–fermented: Puer tea and dark tea   後發酵茶:即普洱茶,即黑茶
partially fermented tea: oolong tea , white tea   部分發酵茶,半發酵茶:即烏龍茶
completely fermented tea: black tea   全發酵茶:即紅茶