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4/9/2006, Tea Appreciation Day 『世界奉茶日』

Taipei Children's Recreation Center
[ 臺北市立兒童育樂中心 ]


Tea Appreciation Day 『世界奉茶日』
4/9/2006, Taipei Taiwan, [ 台北 ]

Taipei Children's Recreation Center
Purpose: Learning while playing, enlightening new knowledge, carrying on the folklore, and beautifying life.
Preface:The mountains are covered in green and the river is running steady, Yuanshan is decorated with beautiful makeup. The Taipei Municipal Children's Recreation Center under the concern from everybody is now in its new feature and is looking forward to the future. The whole procedure from decision-making, planning, processing to officially completion is a result of the devotion and effort of all previous superiors and executive officers. Like the Chinese saying " One must think of the source while drinking the water" As we enjoy this magnificent wonderland we shall also remember the hardship of the difficult course while constructing this center.
Geographic historyThe Recreation Center is located in the northeast of the Taipei Basin, on the top of Yuanshan by the southwest bank of the Keelung River. The original name of Yuanshan was Longtonshan, which is a sandy hill of the third era. Although the mountain is not very high, yet the view is very charming, standing on top of it one can get to see the entire Taipei. It is indeed the best place to go for bird's-eye view.