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Bonsai and Tea

I didn’t know there was that much Asian Arts in the middle of Ocean Beach, San Diego CA, USA. This story first begins with a great bonsai. I was back home in American and shopping for a bonsai tree, found what seemed like a good place called the “San Diego Bonsai Company”, in Ocean Beach. So we took a drive, found it, walked in and YES, bonsai, great selection and great quality, it didn’t take me long to find the one for me. The owner Trevor C. Cornwell of the Bonsai shop told me to check out a teashop called "The Whole Leaf". Because we had to wait anyway for them to check and touchup the beautiful bonsai. So my wife Chang Li-Hsiang and I went up the street to the teashop. What a surprise, as I approached the store I looked in the window and seen a group of people sitting around drinking and brewing tea "Gongfu" style, (gong fu, kung fu, small teapot, skilled, classic, Chinese/Taiwan/Fujian) brewing methodolgy. I was shocked, what I mean is I have been in asian areas (in america) and seen this often, but these were just the locals of Ocean Beach brew’in it up, a teashop with culture.

San Diego Bonsai Company

The Whole Leaf

here is a pic of my bonsai