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How to Decaffeinate Tea

How to Decaffeinate Tea Caffeine is highly soluble
and is one of the first constituents of the tea leaf
to be extracted in steeping.
Usually 80 percent of tea’s caffeine content is
released within the first 20 to 30 seconds of
steeping. You can enjoy virtually caffeine free tea
with small sacrifice of flavor, therefore, by discarding
the water after the first 30 to 60 seconds
of steeping and adding fresh hot
(temperature depending on tea type)
water to the now decaffeinated leaf. Remember
too that tea has constituents which act to soothe
and relax the body. These polyphenols only begin to
dissolve after the third minute of steeping. And will be
pretty fully extracted after five minutes.
This longsteeped tea is the secret of bedtime tea some
swear by as an aid to sleep.
------This article was reprinted
from “New Tea Lover’s
Treasury” by James Norwood
My oppinion, Decaffeinate Tea.
I would like to add that I would go about 15 to 30 with 20 seconds as an average. Remember most black teas and lightly twisted straight tea brew quickly, therefore we don't want to loss to much flavor. By simple quick-brewing and drinking moderately it should not be a "caffeine problem".