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Stone Arts

Stone Appreciation
Stone and rock formations, natural, no artificial carvings at all. Sometimes they will be cut to stand flat, or maybe polished. All the colors of the rainbow are possible, colors should contrast each other. They can be colorful or very usually in stone color. Some times patterns form natural paintings of wonder. These natural marks can look like anything in world. From nature to the abstract. The size of a stone can be big and weigh hundreds of pounds or it can be less than a pound. The stone should have subtle color, subtle shape, subtle markings and patterns. It can look like landscape, like an animal, a person, etc. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It should look beautiful in texture, color, and shape. The stone should also be unique for its characteristics. The stone should not feel too dry. A stone might remind people of something. Or the stone might convey some spirit, which makes people feel or moves them in some way. The stone should be set stable on something nice like a rosewood pedestal which has been carved specifically for the stone.

**Stones Art is used with Bonsai, Tea Arts, and Floral Arrangement**