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中英文"茶学术语" Chinese-English Tea Studies Terminology 2009

中英文"茶学术语" Chinese-English Tea Studies Terminology

《中英文"茶學術語"》( 天福茶學院,2009,控制號:zyk0030030 )
“Chinese-English Tea Studies Terminology”, (2009),Tenfu Tea College, Ctrl No: zyk0030030
蔡荣章*琼斯史迪芬 编译 Tsai, Rong-Tsang and Steven R. Jones, Translators and Editors (Sep. 22, 2009)

目录Table of Contents
第一章 茶树裁培、采青、初制 Chapter One Tea Cultivation, Tea Harvesting, and Tea
Primary Processing
第二章 茶叶精制、加工、包装 Chapter Two Tea Refining, Added Processing, and Packaging
第三章 茶之分类与识别 Chapter Three Classification and Recognition of Tea
第四章 泡茶原理 Chapter Four Tea Brewing Principles
第五章 十大泡茶法 Chapter Five The Ten Tea Methods
第六章 陶瓷艺术 Chapter Six Ceramics
第七章 茶具名称与功能 Chapter Seven Kinds of Tea Ware and Functionality
第八章 茶会 Chapter Eight Tea Functions
第九章 中国茶史 Chapter Nine Chinese Tea History
第十章 日韩英茶文化 Chapter Ten Japanese, Korean, and British Tea Culture
第十一章 茶诗与健康 Chapter Eleven Tea Poetry and Health
第十二章 茶学综论 Chapter Twelve Tea Studies Review