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Picking Tea Song (Heluo)採茶褒歌(河洛)

(男)這平看見彼平崙 看見阿娘塊招阮喂 想欲過去和娘玩 恐驚頭家過來巡喂
(女)這平看見彼平崙 不敢夯頭來看阮喂 有好兄仔無阮份 專心採茶較齊勻喂
(男)採茶阿娘真艱苦 加脊曝日面向土喂 假使乎阮來做某 不甘乎娘曝這烏喂
(女)親切阿兄不免管 食飽替人找麻煩喂 採茶是阮上貫串 這途生理專工僎喂
(English translation by student, this is student's comparison and not an exact translation)
Picking Tea Song (Heluo)
Here, I can see you in the mountainside who waves at me;
I really want to see you;
but I am afraid that my boss will come here.

Here, I can see you in mountainside who does not turn his head to see me;
I think maybe I do not have the fortune to marry a good man;
the truth, working hard is more dependable than a dream.

The girl gathering teas is difficult;
to bend her back, to work in the sun, to face the ground;
if you are going to marry me;
I will not let you work in the sun;
this will avoid being sunburned.

Oh! Dear, you do not have to care about me;
and do not give me trouble;
gathering teas is my job and I can do it well;
the work can let me make some money.

(English translation by "Angel"  林家麒 Lin, chia chi, May 12, 2010, Taipei)

Test-day, all the students had to give a presentation about tea, here is just a taste of today. This oral presentation was first translated from Chinese to English, and then read in English and Taiwanese; it was a pleasure to hear.
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