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13th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, Taipei, Taiwan, Summer 2011

13th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, Taipei, Taiwan,
(May 27 to June 1 2011)



2011 Taipei Wu-Wo Tea Cermony
Thousand People International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
Location: Chiang Kai-shek (CKS) Memorial Hall, Rain or Shine (shine: center plaza, if rain: under outside perimeter wall awning)
Time: May 28, (Sat.) at 9AM.
ADDRESS:No.21, Zhongshan S.Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.,Taipei City 10048, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Website: http://www.cksmh.gov.tw/eng/

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The 13th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony and Tea Culture Festival
Invitation Letter

Dear sir/madam:

The biennial International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony will be held next year on May 27~June 1, 2011,  in Taiwan. Tenren Tea Arts Culture Foundation and the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association and is jointly sponsored this activity.

The assembly session is for six days. We plan for each country’s tea performance, Essays and Deliberation, Thousand People International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, Sun Moon Lake Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, etc. And the Expo “Tea Arts and Relevant Arts Exhibitions”, includes: Tea Settings, Tea Scroll Hanging Works, Tea House Flower Arts, Tea Wares, and etc.  In addition, we have specially arranged the Guide Tours. You will experience the rich and delicate culture of the "Tea Trip".  These are large international culture activities.  With you, our journey will be more interesting. We are very pleased to invite you to this event, let us meet in Taipei with you, "Friendship With Tea".

The 13th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony and Tea Culture FestivalOrganizing Committee 组织委员会;筹备委员会;組織委員會;籌備委員會

President:                           Lee Rie Ho
Committee Chair:    Tsai Rong-Tsang
Preliminary meeting:            Secretary-General Wang Chunshu and all members

Sincere Invitation


Hosting Sponsor: Tenren Tea Arts Culture Foundation Group
        International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association
        Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Administrative Office
        Lu-Yu Tea Culture Limited Liability Company(LLC) 管理处;办公室;行政处;行政办公室


Co-Hosting Sponsor: Council for Cultural Affairs
         Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture
         Tourism Bureau
         Legislator Ming Shing Lii's Congressional Office
         Legislator Huang Liang Tsai's Congressional Office
         Taipei Municipal Cultural Bureau
         Tourism Bureau Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration
         Tourism Bureau Alishan Scenic Administration
         Nantou County Government Sightseeing
         Jiayi County Sightseeing Tourism
         Taiwan Tea Manufacturers Association
         Tea Master Guild
         The Chinese Art of Tea Craft Union
         Tamkang University

The 13th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony and Tea Culture Festival Conference Schedule.

Date: From May 27 to June 1 , 2011

May 27
(Day one)
All day
Visiting participants check in to Taipei
May 28
(Day two)
0730 a.m.
0900 a.m.
1000~1130 a.m.

1200~1300 p.m.
1330~1630 p.m.

1900~2130 p.m.
Register at the place of meeting
Opening Ceremony
Cut the ribbon for the
Tea Arts and Relevant Arts Exhibition
Thousand People International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
Essays and Deliberation」「Tea Arts Performance
Tea Arts Settings」「Calligraphy Demonstration
Welcome Reception--Taipei Night
Stay in Taipei
May 29
(Day three)
0700 a.m
0900~1030 a.m.
1230~1400 p.m.

1400~1630 p.m.
1630~1730 p.m.
1930~2130 p.m.
A Visit to the National Palace Museum
Visit the Zhunan "Tenren Tea Culture Museum"
Leave for Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area (SMLNSA)
Visit Sun Moon Lake
Dinner partyNantou at Night
Stay in Sun Moon Lake
May 30
(Day four)
0700~0830 a.m.

1030 a.m. ~
1230 p.m.
1600 p.m.
1600~1700 p.m.
1700~1800 p.m.
1900~2000 p.m.
2000 p.m.
Sun Moon Lake International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
Leave for Ali Mountain
Arrive Ali Mountain
Dance appreciation performance at Ali Mountain
Team Managers Meeting
Visit a tea factory
Stay in Ali Mountain
May 31
(Day five)
0700 a.m.
0800~0930 a.m.
1000~1100 a.m.
midday 1100

1730~1930 p.m.
2000~2230 p.m.

 Visit the tea plantation in Ali Mountain
 「Ali Mountain International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
Return round trip
Tea Arts performance
Closing ceremonies—Farewell dinner」、
Transfer rights over to next Hosting Sponsor
Stay in Taoyuan
Jun 1
(Day six)
Say farwell to everyone—see you in 2013!

台北 / 阿里山 / 日月潭 / 程表 schedule

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