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2012 expo Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 無我茶會 sans self tea gathering

2012 World Tea Expo Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 

Wu-wo: Not me   sans self tea gathering
June 1, Friday, 5:30 p.m., Exhibit Hall Floor  **Delegates Must Sign-Up to Participate.**
Over the years World Tea Expo has hosted a number of formal tea ceremony demonstrations from different countries of origin. This year we are proud to facilitate a Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, a ceremony of Taiwanese origin that encourages all people regardless of tea expertise, age, sex, nationality, or wealth to participate. 
It is a ceremony wherein participants simultaneously serve and receive tea - silently. It is through this humble exchange that the acts of both giving and accepting merge into one reminding us that distinctions can never fully define anything. Tea is the catalyst. The beauty of the ceremony lies not only in its intent but also in its practice.

All delegates of World Tea Expo are invited to participate but must sign-up using the form below before June1! Over 50 countries with delegates spanning 3 generations will be at Expo. It is our hope that participants of the ceremony are just as encompassing.
Spectators are welcome and will also be served tea. We simply ask that spectators are also silent during the ceremony.
To participate-
Below please find important details and if agreeable, please complete the brief registration form linked below.  We can not accept participants that have not pre-registered for the event. 
Important Dates/ Times:
Friday, June 1                                                                                       
3:30 - 3:45 p.m.      Participant Run-Through / Q&A
5:00 - 5:25 p.m.      Participants Check-in / Set-up
5:30 p.m.                 Ceremony
6:00 p.m.                 Serve Spectators
6:30 p.m.                 Exhibit Hall Closes

The Way it Goes
1. Participants of the ceremony sit on the floor in a circle; seating is randomly assigned.
2. Within each 5' space the participant sets-up a tray, a small tea pot, 4 small tasting cups, a thermos and chosen tea.
3. At the designated time, each participant brews his/her tea and pours a small amount into each of the 4 cups.
4. The participant stands up and using his tray serves 3 cups of tea, one to each person to his/her left. The 4th cup is kept for self-enjoyment.
5. He/she then returns to her seat and finds three new cups of tea waiting - served from the participants seated to his right.
All taste one another's tea. All is done silently.
6. At the designated time, the participants brew their tea again, pour it into 4 small paper cups and offer the tea to four different spectators – those that haven't been served yet- standing behind them.
This ceremony will infuse tea twice.

What's Needed to Participate:
·         The ability to sit on the floor and come to standing. (If a disability exists, contact Kim Jage )
·         The ability to act while silent.
·         The ability to exchange tea with perfect strangers.
·         The intent to serve and be served.
·         Pure enjoyment.


What to bring with you:
·         A small bag to contain your items
·         A teapot
·         4 small tasting cups
·         Tea
·         A thermos
·         A tray
·         A watch or silent timer

Other items you might wish to bring:
·         A meditation cushion or mat to sit on
·         A flower or decorative item to help create your space
·         A small cloth

World Tea Expo will provide:
·         Hot water set at three different temperatures
·         Disposable Tasting Cups for Spectators

History of Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
The Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony originated in Taiwan by Founder Grand Master Tsai Rong Tsang, current director of the Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute.
The Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony has Seven Principles* 無我茶會特殊做法及其七大精神
1. Seating arrangement is chosen randomly. --- No priority to seats, no matter of social status. 座位由抽籤決定──無尊卑之分
2. Serving tea in the same direction. --- No reward is expected. 依同一方向奉茶──無報償之心
3. Accept and appreciate different teas. --- No bias. 接納、欣賞各種茶──無好惡之心
4. Brew the best you can. --- Concentrate and improve. 努力把茶泡好──求精進之心
5. No director. --- Everyone follows the public announcement. 無須指揮與司儀──遵守公共約定
6. Remain silent during brewing. --- To cooperate and appear in group rhythm and harmony. 泡茶席間不語──培養默契,體現團體律動之美
7. Not confined to any tea brewing manner. --- No distinction of school or region. 泡茶方式不拘──無流派與地域之分
*from Wikipedia, Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
Simply, people bring tea ware and tea and enjoy tea together in a circle. Welcome to Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony.

from more reference:

Photos: Courtsey of George Gao,
Desert Spring Wu-Wo Tea Club

Photos: Courtsey of George Gao,
Desert Spring Wu-Wo Tea Club