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2012 茶文化模擬展銷會&第一屆鳳凰舞夏無我茶會2012 Tea Culture and Tea Trial Marketing Exhibition & First Phoenix Summer Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

Today’s event at was a wonderful exchange of English/Chinese we had people from Lithuania, Canada, Australia, America, and of course Taiwan. Many of the tea sites had a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese tea ware.  Our foreign friends (non-Taiwanese) were tea site judges, including the tea master’s English ability.

2012 茶文化模擬展銷會&第一屆鳳凰舞夏無我茶會
2012.6.08 Tea Culture and Tea Trial Marketing Exhibition & First Phoenix Summer Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

大同技術學院, 茶文化與事業經營學位學程( 系) Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology, Tea Culture and Department of Business Management

June 8, 2012, at 9:50 am~ 12:10 pm


2012 茶文化模擬展銷會

2012 茶文化模擬展銷會


2012 茶文化模擬展銷會

2012 茶文化模擬展銷會

2012 茶文化模擬展銷會


 第一屆鳳凰舞夏無我茶會 First Phoenix Summer Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

Dear friends:
In honor of the initial year of the Phoenix Summer Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, you are cordially invited to the “Tea Culture and Tea Trial Marketing Exhibition & First Phoenix Summer Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony ” at our school on June 8, 2012, at 9:50 am~ 12:10 pm. This is a casual dress code event.

The Chair of Tea Culture Department
Ting-Ting Fang

Date:9:50~12:10, Jun 8, 2012
Location: Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology
Address:Mituo Road, Chiayi City 253

Schedule of Events

Time Events Comprehensive Teaching Building
9:50               Welcome Ceremony E806
10:00-11:00 Tea Culture and Tea Trial Marketing Exhibition
11:00-11:20 Introducing Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

11:30-12:00 Phoenix Summer Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony 1st Floor
12:10            Group Photo 1st Floor
12:10-13:00 Lunch 8th Floor

      Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Public Announcement

茶會名稱Particular Name of the Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
First Phoenix SummerWu-Wo Tea Ceremony
時間和日期Date and Time
201268日上午11:20am Jun. 8, 2012
大同技術學院茶樹栽培區Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology, Tea Cultivation Area
雨天地點Rainy day Location
大同技術學院綜合教學大樓Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology Comprehensive Teaching Building
泡茶種類Kinds Of Tea
不拘Not Confined
泡幾杯Number Of Teacups
每茶泡幾道Number Of Brews
奉茶方法Serving Style
第一、三道奉給左鄰三位茶友及自己。第二、四道持紙杯茶盅奉給圍觀者。First and third brew serve three neighbors on the left, and our self. Second and fourth brew use tea pitcher and disposable cups and serve spectators.
其它約定Other Appointments
自備護照Bring Passport
品茗後活動Post Drinking Activity 
全體合唱《Delta Dawn》,Steven老師帶唱"Delta Dawn" sung by Teacher  Steven, and all can join in
會後活動Post Tea Ceremony Activity
全體朗诵茶诗Recite Tea Poetry
茶會程序Ceremony Schedule
工作分配Task Distribution
Task Members Begin Arranging the Site
主辦單位 Hosting Sponsor
大同技術學院茶文化學程()      Tatung Institute of Commerce   and Technology Tea culture and career business degree program
與會人員開始報到入席   Participants Began To Check In and Then  Find Seats
召集人   Convener
Mr. Steven R. Jones老師、張麗香老師 Ms.Chang Li-Hsiang
隨後   After
開始茶具觀摩與聯誼 Tea Ware Appreciation and Friendship Time
場地組   Site    Arrangement Team
冠麟Lin、宥賢、郁凱Kai   炫嘉、加仲John、瑞楠Ryan     云安Maryann
Begin Brewing
報到組Check-in Team
喝完最後一道茶 After Last Brew
Begin Post Tea Drinking Activity
抽籤組Drawing Team
隨後   After
收拾茶具  Collect Cups
12:10隨後   After
會後活動Post Tea Ceremony Activity
記錄組&記者團Recording Team And Reporting Team
拍照留念 Ending Group Photo
負責人  Person In Charge
方婷婷主任 Director Fang
Contact Tel:      


Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony style can be used for Tea Appreciation Day
Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a simple way to brew, serve, and drink tea, it can be done together or alone. Make tea more than just a drink, make it an event t enrich life.

What is needed:
1. hot water in a thermos four times larger than your cover bowl or teapot
2. teapot or cover bowl
3. tea pitcher
4. four teacups
5. tea tray
6. cloth wraps for tea ware and basket, backpack, or bag
7. watch or timer for brewing
8. small cloth
9. mat or stool or cushion
10. tarp, cloth, or towel to setup on

Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Brief
1. “Wu-Wo” is a style of tea ceremony. People bring simple tea ware and enjoy tea together in a circle. When there are many people, we can make two or more circles.

2. Seats are determined by chosen randomly, to see who will sit next to each other and who will serve tea to one another, no one knows before. There will be no class distinction and everybody just accommodates oneself to the circumstances.

3. After setting up the tea ware, we can appreciate other’s tea ware, and get to know one another. This session is called “tea ware appreciation and friendship time”.

4. When it’s “brewing time”, everybody goes back to their seats to make tea. There is no director at a Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony; everything is based on the “public announcement”. The aim of this is to develop participants to follow some conventions.

5. After the first brew, participants take their cups to serve the tea. If, the “public announcement” states to “make four cups of tea, serve the three participants on the adjacent left and keep one teacup for oneself”, please follow the public announcement. At a Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, tea is served in one direction, with the aim of to let participants serve without waiting for compensation; this is part of the Wu-Wo principles “no reward is expected".

6. If the recipient is sitting when you serve tea to him, please bow to one another without speaking. Participants remain silent at a Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, when the brewing begins. This will give the cooperation and appearance of group rhythm and harmony.

7. One may begin to enjoy the tea when one has received all. All participants must prepare the tea by themselves; therefore, everyone may have the chance to taste different kinds of tea and appreciates the different teas, this is the “no bias” principle of tea ceremony. When a cup is unpleasant, still accept it, as a reminder to brew good tea, this is the “concentrate and improve” principle of tea ceremony.

8. Start brewing the second brew when everybody has finished the first round. Pour the second brew into four disposable cups and serve four spectators then return to your seat. For the third brew, pour tea into the tea pitcher and pour in the same cups from the first brew; then return to your seat and give yourself some tea.

9. If it is in a public place, you can arrange a narrator to tell the public who are watching in order to let them understand what is going on. Also there can be an arrangement to serve the public for the second brew using disposable cups and forth brew using disposable cups or serving by pitcher.

10. There is no restriction on the tea ware and the brewing methods. However, to make good tea for everybody is the basic principle. Therefore, Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is a style of tea ceremony with “no distinction of school or region”.

11. Setting up on the ground is for convenience. There are not any seats that would separate us. But there are no definite restrictions on sitting; one can even bring a small seat.

12. The tea ceremony can be held in the evening. Participants should bring themselves a personal light. An evening tea ceremony is an occasion for people to appreciate the beauty of the evening.
13. After the last cup, we can arrange some music or mediation for about 3 to 5 minutes. This is an opportunity to recollect on the tea ceremony, this session is called the “post tea drinking activity”.

14. “Post tea drinking activity” then, everybody should clean the cups and collect back one’s own cups. After everything is packed, the tea ceremony is over.

15. Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony reminds people of the significance of “emptiness”. Nothingness is not what we are pursuing, but the “having” then “emptiness”. Just like pure light which is formed by all the colors of the rainbow.

16. Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony began in Taiwan in 1990. It shortly became an international tea cultural activity. And, a large International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony is held every two years in one country or region.
17. To promote Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, the International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony Association recruits “Tea Instructors” and “Tea Ceremony Instructors” and establishes “Tea Ceremony Classrooms” to promote tea arts and tea ceremony and provide training for participants of Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony through a 3-level education program.

2012 茶文化模擬展銷會&第一屆鳳凰舞夏無我茶會
2012.6.08 Tea Culture and Tea Trial Marketing Exhibition & First Phoenix Summer Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony

大同技術學院, 茶文化與事業經營學位學程( 系) Tatung Institute of Commerce and Technology, Tea Culture and Department of Business Management