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There are some good books on tea lore or "culture/ceremonies" that are
mostly Chinese/Taiwanese related, not Japanese related. I love and
enjoy Japanese tea lore, its roots of course are in China but the
Japanese have preserved many of the almost lost Chinese traditions,
yes I said Chinese traditions as well as adding and perfecting and
cultivating wonder world of tea. The reason I give you this list is
that the Japanese tea ceremonies as a whole are very formal and are a
metaphysical and art performance but also can be range from religious
philosophical and personal enlightenment, just to say a few. The
Chinese or Taiwanese tea ceremonies of today can also be almost just
as formal but mostly focus around making a good cup of tea, not to say
this is trivial at the least. Also tea is used throughout China,
Taiwan, and England as a vehicle for communication, my own saying is
"tea is our bridge", it is can be enjoyed while engaging in communication.

Tea books.

Chinese Art of Tea
John Eaton Calthorpe Blofeld
Paperback / Shambhala Pubns / February 1997 / 1570622795

Chinese Medicinal Teas: Simple, Proven, Folk Formulas for Common
Diseases & Promoting Health
Gary Liscum, Xiao-Fan Zong, Bob Flaws (Editor)
Paperback / Blue Poppy Pr / June 1996 / 0936185767

Beauty of Chinese Yixing Teapots: And the Finer Arts of Tea Drinking
Lim Kean Siew
Hardcover / Times Editions / March 2001 / 9812320822

Yixing Pottery: The World Of Chinese Tea Culture, 1st Edition
Chunfang Pan
Hardcover / 77 Pages / Long River Pr / August 2004 / 159265018X

Vietnamese and Chinese Ceramics Used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony
Hiromu Honda, Noriki Shimazu
Hardcover / Oxford Univ Pr / March 1993 / 0195886070

Not All Teas Are Created Equal: A Mingcha Guide to Premium Chinese Tea
Lee Kwan
Paperback / 64 Pages / Lee Kwan Tea Trade Ltd / March 2004 / 9628610910

Over A Cup Of Tea: An Introduction To Chinese Life And Culture
Jing Luo
Paperback / Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc / August 2004 / 0761829377

Chinese Tea Culture
Wang Ling
Paperback / Foreign Languages Pr / December 2000 / 7119021443

Chinese Ceramic Tea Vessels: The K.S. Collection, Flagstaff House
Museum Of Tea Ware.
Kam-Chuen, Ho (Preface); Lo, K.S. (Foreword) Urban Council, Hong Kong
Hardcover / 9622151000

A Passage To Chinese Tea
Lim Hock Lam
Hardcover / 9839948806

The Chinese Art Of Tea.
China -- Tea Ceremony]. Blofeld, John.
Hardcover / 0043940021

Origins Of Chinese Tea And Wine
Qiu Yao Hong
Paperback / 9812293698