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Tang Dynasty tea ceremony in L.A.

this was sent to me and i am posting it here.
it sounds like a great event and learning experience.
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Re-creation of Tang Dynasty tea ceremony by an expert from Kyoto,Jun.25

A re-creation of tea ceremony from the Tang Dynasty(618-900 AD) will be

Cinducted by Chinese culture expert Mr. Kouhou TANAHASHI of Kyoto, on

Sunday, June 25 at 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. at New Otani Hotel in Little Tokyo.

English translation will be provided.

Tanahashi will demonstrate the tea ceremony of the Tang dynasty when

Chinese tea ceremony originated. The demonstration will use tea Tanahashi

produced from methods of that era along with his reproduction of original


His lecture will also include historical background about China and how

people enjoyed tea in Tang period.

In 1987, Chinese archeologists unearthed approximately 900 valuable cul-

tural icons of the Chinese Court from Famen-si Temple, including Buddha’s

ashes and gold and silver utensils. The tea utensils were dedicated at Famen-

si Tmple in 873.

Famen-si Temple, located near Xian City in Shaanxi Province, was originally

Constructed during the Eastern Han Dynasty(22-220 AD).It became the prayer

temple of successive emperors and led a wave of prosperity. It was destroyed

and rebuilt multiple times.

The excavated tea utensils were used at the court and provided the key to

proving the origins of the Lu Yu tea ceremony of the Tang dynasty.

Tanahashi, who established the International Certification of Culture of Chinese

Tea and the Organization of Chinese Tea Ceremony, has given lectures and

demonstrations across Japan. June 25 event is his first lecture and demonstra-

tion outside of Japan.

“Much mystery remains regarding the art of Tang Dynasty tea ceremony. But

I hope that more people will be able to learn more about and come to appreciate

Chinese tea ceremony, “ Tanahashi said. “I think Japanese tea ceremony may

have its roots in Chinese tea ceremony.”

Tickets are $30. For further information, call Okumura at(323)728-1990 or

Kichimi at(818)547-1122.

(by newpaper of “southern California” )


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