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Tranquil Scents of Tea 靜謐茶之香

Herin Tea Troupe

Tranquil Scents of Tea

written and produced by:
Steven R. Jones & Chang, Li-Hsiang
(5/11/06) revised spelling censer(7/25/06)
作者: 瓊斯史迪芬 & 張麗香

This presentation will attempt to show the wonders and the many facets of tea aroma or the “Tranquil Scents of Tea”. Time is always moving so are the scents of tea changing. From the beginning before brewing until the tea is gone still there are the scents of tea in the air yet different from the beginning. And the heating of the censer, “incense burner” the tea changes scents. During this performance, the tea brewing methodology used is based on the “Lu-Yu Small Pot Tea Laws”, (陸羽小壺茶法). The tea incense heating methodology is based on the “Stoneware Chip Method”, by “Master Lin, Rai-Hsian” (老師 林瑞萱 ) from the, “Zuowang Valley Tea Lore Center”, ( 坐忘谷茶道中心 ). The two Teas used will be: Iron Mercy Goddess ( 鐵觀音茶 ), and Osmanthus Oolong ( 桂花烏龍茶 ). Both Teas will be used for heating tea incense and brewing tea. Either by brewing or by using tea as incense, the very essence of the tea can be experienced even without a single sip taken.

Moist Warmed teapot, with dry tea
A hot water warmed teapot will have traces of water and steam that will interact with the tea and give it an enhanced scent.

The infusion, (Dance of the leaves)
The brewed tea freshly pour will also have a different character scent. This is usually the tea scent we smell when we are in the area of some people drinking tea. As the tea brews and interacts with the elements in the water the tea releases its scents through infusion and steam from the hot water.

Cup, emptied
By holding the nose close to the cup while sniffing; also by rolling the cup in ones hand and letting the liquid traces flow around the cup will help to release the tea's scent, and then sniffing.

Tea Incense ( 茶香 )
Heat dry tea using censer or a incense burner ( 香爐). Using tea as an incense to sniff is an excellent way to experience tea. Through the ages many things have been used as incense, dry tea can also be used as an incense, thus "tea incense". Passing the censer around a few times and sharing by describing and listening to others while trying to define the different scents as the tea releases its scents as it changes temperatures by the heat of the odorless charcoal. It’s important to understand that “Tea Incense” is pure unused tea of good quality, taken from the same canister, box, or bag of tea that has been bought for drinking.

The sense of smell can triggers memory recollections, experienced scents, and even abstract descriptions to try to define the scent in words. Tea for years has been appreciated not only its tastes, but for its fragrance, aroma, or “scents”. Teas have different scents depending on the variety, processing, age, quality, and character of the tea.

As the tea scents meander and spiral away from the tea, it is like a mountain stream moving away from its source sometimes slowing almost to a stand still and sometimes speeding up and even rushing over a rocky falls. One thing remains constant and that is its overall motion is tranquil moving down the mountain. Another analogy is the clouds in the sky moving fast or slowly yet again one thing is constant, the tranquil moving and shape changing of the sky ever so quietly ever so unhurried.






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