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On October 16-18, 2009 the "12th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony" convention will be held in San Francisco, and hosted by the American Tea Culture Assoication.

The 12th International Wu-Wo Tea Convention in USA

Group Registration:

It is mandatory that participating groups complete the following tasks so we can better prepare for the event:

1. Provide a list of the members' names (including English names).
2. Provide a list of the attendees passport numbers.
3. Registration can be done through email or fax before July 31 , 2009 .
4. Assigned hotel room arrangement for the members. (one per room/two per room)
5. Please indicate the time of arrival, name of the airline, and its flight number so we can pick up the attendees on time.

Registration Information:

Event Fee: $450
Fees include hotel (3 nights), local transportation, paid meals, and other service charges. Please pay by bank to bank transfer to the following bank account before July 31, 2009.

Pay to: American Tea Culture Association
Address: 22519 Alcalde Road, Cupertino, CA 95014 U.S.A
Tel: ( 408 ) 343 - 0149
Bank Name: Cathay Bank
Account No. 12014591
Bank Swift : CATHUS6L
Bank Address: 10480 S. De Anza Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014 U.S.A
Bank Tel : ( 408 ) 257- 8855 or ( 408 ) 255- 8300

Room Assignment:

Everyone will stay in the same hotel, so we can organize activities more efficiently. Generally there will be two persons per room. If, however, a member prefers to stay by himself or herself, please be sure to inform us of your preference at the time of registration (price may vary).

Room Assignment Contact :

The 12th International Wu-Wo Tea Convention Organization.
Address: 22519 Alcalde Road, Cupertino, CA 95014 U.S.A
E-mail :chiungclin@hotmail.com
Phone/Fax : (408) 343-0149
Contact: 林炯志 Chiung Chih Lin / 宋 貞 Janice Sung

Wu-Wo Tea Convention:

This year's Wu-Wo Tea Convention will conduct two performances. Each member must bring his/her own tea set and other equipment required to make tea. It is highly recommended that each group wear apparel representative of their individual countries while performing in the Ceremony in order to reflect each country’s distinctive culture during the event.

Meeting for the Group Leader:

A meeting for the Group Leaders will be held on September 25, 2009. The mandatory meeting will be held for each groups' officers regarding specific information for the event. The meeting will start exactly at 9:00 PM. Each group should make sure to appoint at least one to three representatives to attend the meeting (translator can be included).

The Farewell Party:

Please wear your traditional costume at the farewell party and prepare a 10 minute performance.


10 / 16 / 2009
Arriving San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
17:00 Check in hotel.
19:00 Welcome dinner.
21:00 Group officers meeting.

10 /17 / 2009
7:00 Breakfast.
9:00 12th International Wu-Wo Tea opening ceremony.
12:00 Lunch.
13:00 Tour Golden Gate Bridge, Palace of Fine Arts,
Fisherman's Wharf.
19:00 Dinner

10/18 / 2009
7:00 Breakfast.
8:00 12th International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony second day.
10:00 Visit Stanford University.
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Multicultural tea performance.
19:00 Dinner and Closing Ceremony.

10 /19 / 2009
7:00 Breakfast and Farewell.
Steven R. Jones

for more information please contact:
The 12th International Wu-Wo Tea Convention Organization.
Address: 22519 Alcalde Road, Cupertino, CA 95014
U.S.AE-mail :chiungclin@hotmail.com
Phone/Fax : (408) 343-0149
Contact: 林炯志 Chiung Chih Lin / 宋 貞 Janice Sung