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茶學書庫分類索引表 Tea Studies Library Classification and Index

Cited from the book.
“Chinese-English Tea Studies Terminology”,
Translators and Editors: Tsai, Rong-Tsang and Steven R. Jones
Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute, Co., Ltd. (2010), ISBN 978-957-9690-06-5,

( 陸羽茶藝股份有限公司 , 2010, ISBN 978-957-9690-06-5)

External Reference: http://tsg.tftc.edu.cn/gczy.asp?id=103

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Tea Studies Library Classification and Index

 1st Order Code

 1st Order Classification

 2nd Order Code and Classification



 Tea Ideology

 B1. 茶思綜述
 Tea Ideology Synthesis

 including collection of works

 B2. 茶哲
 Tea Philosophy

 含道德、 思維
 including morality and thinking

 B3. 茶與宗教
 Religious Studies

 B4. 茶美學
 Tea Aesthetics


 Tea Policies

 D1. 茶政經軍
 Tea Politics , Economy, and Military

 such as tea-horse policy, tea taxes

 D2. 茶法規
 Tea Laws and Regulations



 Tea Economics

 F1. 茶經濟綜述
 Tea Economics Synthesis

 F2. 茶行銷
 Tea Marketing

 including sales route

 F3. 茶餐飲
 Tea Restaurant

 F4. 茶廣告
 Tea Advertising

 F5. 茶包裝
 Tea Packaging

 including tea leaf and tea utensils


 Tea Culture

 G1. 茶文化學
 Tea Culture Studies

 and other “Z.1.Tea Studies
 Synthesis ”

 G2. 茶文化比較
 Tea Culture Comparison

 including kind and region
 comparison. Country’s Tea brewing
 methods belong to ’L2.Tea
 Brewing ’

 G3. 文化茶集
 Tea Culture Collection of Works

 collected works on tea culture

 G4. 文化茶址
 Region of Tea Culture

 G5. 茶教育
 Tea Studies Education

 including promotion


 Tea Translation

 H1. 茶英譯
 Tea English Translation

 only tea terminology translation,
 translated version belongs to their

 H2. 茶日譯
 Tea Japanese Translation

 H3. 他語茶譯
 Other Language Tea Translation


 Tea Literature

 Tea Literature Synthesis

 Tea Poetry

 Other Tea Literature

 including non-tea related works


 Tea Arts

 Tea and Fine Arts

 including music, and ceramics

 Tea Savoring

 including tea recognition, food and
 beverage, and related foods

 Tea Ambience

 Floral Arrangement and Stone

 floral arranging, stone appreciation,
 hanging art

 J5.香道Incense Lore


 Tea History and

 Tea History and Matters

 including organization history

 Tea Growing Region

 Tea Books and Tea Man

 Tea Customs

 Tea History Periodicals


 Tea Brewing Method

 Tea Brewing Synthesis

 Tea Brewing

 including water

 Tea Beverage

 including coffee and non-teas


 Tea Function

 Tea Function Synthesis

 Tea Ceremony


 Tea Chemistry

 O1. 茶化學
 Tea Chemistry


 Tea and Health

 Tea Health Synthesis

 Tea Health Care

 including folk prescriptions

 Tea Medicine

 Tea Health Periodicals


 Tea Agriculture

 Tea Production Synthesis

 Tea Varieties

 Tea Cultivation

 including soil fertilizer, plant diseases
 and insect pests. Including related

 Tea Plantation Machinery

 Tea Plantation Sustainable Agriculture

 such as organic tea (including
 added processing) , and ecology

 Tea Periodicals

 primarily for tea growing and


 Tea Industry

 Tea Making Synthesis

 與'茶作' 同述時歸'S1.茶作綜述'.
 If including tea growing, then
 belongs to ’S1.Tea Production
 Synthesis ’

 Tea Primary Processing

 including non-teas

 Tea Factory Machinery

 Tea Inspection

 including appraisal, inspecting, and

 Tea Advance Added Processing

 including tea multiple application


 Tea Utensils

 Tea Utensils, Decorative Items

 including admirations

 Tea Pottery Manufacturing

 including history

 Tea Utensils Periodicals


 Tea Foods

 Tea Foods Synthesis

 Tea Snacks

 Tea Cuisine

 Tea Foods Periodicals


 Tea Studies Review

 Tea Studies Synthesis

 part of synthesis will belong to their
 category. Including tea wikipedia

 Tea Studies Collection of Works

 Tea Dictionaries

 including general and special

 Z4. 茶綜合期刊
 Tea Comprehensive Periodicals

將大家見到的茶學圖書分類整理後,除了找尋、應用的方便外,尚可發現茶學的哪個區塊較為缺乏圖書資料,或許也代表了這個領域較少人關注。“分類”通常是追在事實之後所做的整理,但也可以或多或少起個引導作用。茶文化的複興與發展正在這個時代活躍,希望“茶學書庫分類索引”的建立能為這波浪潮起到導流的效用,也祈求大家共同完善它。Abstract:At the time of tea culture revitalization and redevelopment, tea studies books, magazines, and newspapers, appear in large numbers. For convenience of searching and utilizing these materials, it is necessary to construct a Tea Studies Library Classification and Index. This paper puts forth a classification index and its application examples, which only categorizes on the natures of book contents, and tea books with different languages​​ are also classified into various categories.The establishment of Tea Studies Library Classification and Index is just like an outline of tea culture. It will help the cognition and understanding of tea culture and a discovery to the lack of tea studies books in some areas by searching, as well as a lead to further studies.

“Chinese-English Tea Studies Terminology”,
Authors(Translators and Editors): Tsai, Rong-Tsang and Steven R. Jones
Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute, Co., Ltd. (2010), ISBN 978-957-9690-06-5,
《中英文茶學術語》 ( 陸羽茶藝股份有限公司 , 2010, ISBN 978-957-9690-06-5)