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第一屆彩霞之春無我茶會 First Rosy Spring Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony


First Rosy Spring Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony
時間 Date 2010年04月28日晚上 In The Evening Apr.28, 2010
開始泡茶Brewing Starts 19:10pm
地點 Location
陸羽茶藝中心教室 Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute Classroom
Second Class of Specialized English for Tea
“一石二鳥Kill two birds with one stone”

This intensive Specialized English for Tea Studies course is held at Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute in Taipei and is designed for setting a standard for tea terminology and to meet the demands of the students’ future role in Tea Studies. As part of the curriculum the students must arrange a tea ceremony event in English. I having only been an advisor for this event, but it has been the students that have put it together. This Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony will be small; but it is a complete step forward for the upcoming International Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony next year held in Taiwan. To help complete this goal and to continue preparing with next year’s events (2011), we will organize an in-class tea ceremony. All the standard measures will be completed as any other Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony, including a Public Announcement in “English and Chinese中英文公告事項 ”, narrators, instruction, as well as banners and signs all in English. This will be a practical use of Tea Terminology as well as a chance to test run an “English Language Wu-Wo Tea Ceremony英文無我茶會 ”. Photos, instruction, and Public Announcement will be taken and posted. This learning experience is for all to share. Your suggestions are appreciated.
The Following participants:
高寶桂 , 謝秀霞 , 郭芝辰 , 吳淑萍, Chang Li-Hsiang , 林鳳嬌, 林靜芬 , 吳嘉鑫 , 陳佩君 , 邱嵐攸 , 林家麒 , 林芳瑩 , 許倩雯 , 陳佁妃 , 呂英慈 , 吳愛薇,
--- Steven R. Jones

1. Lu-Yu Tea Culture Institute Classroom, Taipei, Apr. 28, 2010, 7:10-8:00pm
第一屆 2010.04.28 日晚上地點陸羽茶藝中心教室