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Pouchong Tea

Pouchong Tea is a famous Taiwan tea, it is a twist shape, lightly fermented oolong, usually with no roasting, light floral notes, light golden yellow tea liquid, it used to be paper wrapped by hand, below is an expert and has wrapped a many of tea.  We attended his class before and no it is not easy to wrap and I still can't even make it look any where near what the master can do.  The term Pouchong means "(Pou) wrapped, (chong) type", and it is an old phonetic spelling system.  Pouchong tea has been written in many old and new books, therefore we should continue to use the spelling.
A note on spellings.
If you are a student of Chinese, of course you should use the modern spelling when speaking Chinese  ( 包種 Bāozhòngchá ).  But if you are speaking English, first see if there is an English term.  Tea terminology is difficult enough, let's try to stay on the same page.
An example is coffee, why should we start calling it café.  This would only create another term for the same meaning (coffee).